Streamlines Asset Management by Swapping Small Balances to GT for All Users
1 min readApr 14

--, a leading global digital asset trading platform, has announced plans to swap small spot balances valued at less than 0.1 USDT for its native token, GT, for all users. The swap aims to improve the marketability of small balances that are otherwise too small to trade. Starting April 3, the swap will be carried out on an account-by-account basis and is expected to be completed within a week, by April 10.

Exceptions apply to accounts with small balances totaling less than 0.01 GT in value. In such cases, the small balances will be cleared without swapping them for GT, as the assets are valued below the processing cost. Users who wish to credit GT to their accounts can contact customer support for assistance with individual account swaps.

The swap will affect all users and will be conducted automatically, streamlining asset management and eliminating the need for users to manage small balances across multiple assets.’s decision to swap small balances for GT showcases the platform’s commitment to providing users with a convenient and efficient trading experience. Users interested in learning more about this swap initiative can visit’s official website for further details.



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