Startup Reduces Entry Barrier for VIP and Non-VIP Users
2 min readAug 30, 2023

As one of the largest token launchpads, Startup provides a pathway for millions of crypto users to participate in free token airdrops for initial and non-initial project launches and listings. A key factor in Startup’s ability to connect projects with users is accessibility. That is why the latest upgrade to Startup has reduced the barrier to entry, enhancing the participation rules for VIP and non-VIP users.

The most significant change is that VIP and non-VIP users subscribed to an airdrop do not need to maintain the minimum spot asset balance to receive tokens. So, users who subscribe to an airdrop while meeting the minimum threshold will still receive tokens even if their spot asset value declines before token distribution. Additionally, if users increase their VIP level after subscribing to a project, they will now receive the corresponding amount of tokens based on their VIP level at the time of distribution. However, this only applies to VIP upgrades obtained by holding a greater asset value.

Another welcome change is that non-VIP users with a spot asset balance worth at least $10 can participate. The amount of non-VIP users permitted per airdrop may change depending on the project, so it’s not guaranteed that every non-VIP user will receive tokens. Also, priority for these non-VIP airdrops will be given to non-VIP users who participate using Startup Vouchers, which can be obtained through promotional and other events.

These changes are intended to broaden the criteria for Startup participants. They will help users easily access free airdrops and explore more newly launched and listed projects. For full details of the upgrade, check out the announcement.

How to participate in Startup airdrops

Head to the website or mobile app, locate “Startup” under the “Trade” tab on web or “More” section on mobile, and then claim one of the airdrops that are in progress. Each project has a dedicated page that outlines the requirements to participate, such as completing KYC and meeting the minimum asset balance.

With 800+ projects featured and 12 million participants to date, Startup has become the go-to token launchpad for getting in early on the latest trends and innovations in blockchain. The platform allows users to participate in free airdrops from new projects. Each project is assessed for quality and legitimacy, ensuring that only projects with potential are featured. Also, for each successful project, donates crypto to charitable causes.