Startup Projects Raised Over $1 Billion In Funding During September 2021
2 min readOct 1, 2021

-- is pleased to announce that projects listed on the Startup platform raised over $1 billion in funding for the first time during the month of September as user demand shifted to investing in exciting new projects in the crypto space.

“2021 has been an exciting year for crypto as millions of new users joined the ecosystem. Startup projects raised over $1 billion in funding during the month of September, a new record for the platform, despite what many considered a bearish month for crypto in general. We built Startup as a way for the average crypto user to get early access in promising projects and it is evident that thus far it has been a success. Every single project on Startup, so far, has raised far more than their targeted amount”, said Marie Tatibouet, Chief Marketing Officer for

More than two-thirds of the 39 projects listed on Startup during September raised over 50,000% of their initial funding goals, showing that interest in early-stage investment is growing by the day. This is the first instance during its 2 years of operation that Startup projects raised over $1 billion in funding, following highs last seen in May 2021 when projects listed on the platform raised over $923 million in funding.

Projects focused on blockchain gaming, decentralized finance and NFTs continue to drive the highest investments as these three sectors have proven to be the most popular in the industry at the moment. remains committed to supporting up and coming projects in the blockchain space and the popularity of projects listed on Startup proves the company is doing something right.