Partners with MIZU DAO, Protocol for Unique NFT, AMA experiences
3 min readOct 31, 2022 is pleased to announce that it recently partnered with MIZU DAO to host sequential AMAs in partnership with PROTOCOL in which they will cover a variety of content that will include an in-depth explanation of their vision for the Japanese Web3-crypto-economy.

Why Partnered with MIZU DAO and PROTOCOL
MIZU DAO is a Web3 DAO that focuses on community development within the web3 ecosystem. Recently, the DAO partnered with PROTOCOL Inc., a social networking service for startups that was started by Keisuke Honda, to help Web3 grow, invest in global Web3 projects, and build a Web3 ecosystem. For this purpose, the two companies are starting to work toward pooling their resources to foster the development of international Web3 initiatives.

To clarify the unity of their vision, PROTOCOL has opted to host an AMA event where users and like-minded projects may ask questions concerning the function of the protocol and the foreseeable benefits of the partnership, for both parties and what it means for their users.

It is around this AMA event that has partnered with MIZU DAO and PROTOCOL to provide a detailed plan and clarify concepts relating to their organization, functions, and services while focusing their attention on the potentials associated with a Web3 economy.

In conjunction with that, will also be collaborating with MIZU DAO’s D3D META in the future. Therefore, the AMA will also cover concepts related to SocialFi and the expected functions in the Web3 economy.

This partnership reiterates’s commitment to the development of the Web3 sector. Through partnerships with projects such as MIZU DAO and PROTOCOL, provides valuable insight into the space it has gained over the last 9 years of operating in the crypto sector and offers support to emerging projects in Web3.

What is the D3D Ecosystem?

D3D META is a socially futuristic platform that connects to Web3 to conduct online transactions in visual settings, enhancing the experience of connecting with others.

By producing engaging material, creators can gain a larger audience and monetize their efforts. The network’s token economy will allow for the equitable distribution of platform advantages to content providers and users.

Diverse NFT features will be put to use to strengthen the connection between content producers and consumers, hence increasing the latter’s likelihood to return for more.

Future iterations of D3D Meta will incorporate the metaverse, the digital human, and digital space to help physical sectors make significant economic strides in the metaverse. D3D meta is building the Web3 “Wechat” in metaverse.

The platform also integrates with Web3 to actualize DIDs to carry out online transactions in visual situations, using the DIDs to enhance the experience of interacting with others in this virtual environment.


The partnership between, MIZU DAO and PROTOCOL is one that is especially significant to the Japanese crypto-economy. Since PROTOCOL is focused on enhancing startup-specific social networking opportunities within the Web3 space, a foundational vision shared by MIZU DAO, it is expected that the AMA in collaboration with will be a united and one-time event that will reveal the partnership’s plans for startups, social networking, and their blueprint for a more socially integrated and advanced web3 future.

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