Outshines Binance with More Extensive Zero-Fee Trading

Crypto traders are bracing for market volatility following uncertainty around U.S. regulations, fed interest rate hikes, and global geopolitical events. In light of the ongoing market conditions, several crypto exchanges have reduced and, in some cases, eliminated trading fees.

Over the past couple of months, Binance cut fees on BTC pairs and ETH/BUSD, while other large exchanges followed in a similar suit. However, the most all-encompassing zero-fee campaign comes from, which said it was implemented to lend users a hand and show appreciation for their support.

“Over the last 9 years, millions of users across the world have chosen as their platform of choice to invest in crypto and we felt the need to give back…” said Dr. Lin Han, Founder and CEO of Group. “…by cutting trading fees, we hope to alleviate some of the pressure caused by the current market volatility and maximize the value obtained by investing on our platform,” he added.

Trade digital assets for free

The list of no-fee trading pairs on is too long to list here, especially considering it has over 1500 listed cryptocurrencies and more than 2500 trading pairs (the most of any mainstream exchange). However, here’s a brief overview of zero-fee trading pairs on

  • All /USD, /BTC, /ETH, and BTC/USDT spot market pairs
  • All spot market ETF pairs
  • All USD-M and BTC-M perpetual futures pairs
  • All USDT-M and BTC-M delivery futures pairs

It’s important to note that on, nearly all USD-pegged stablecoins can be traded on USD pairs without needing conversion. While some exchanges opt to remove fees only on a few select pairs or assets like BTC or ETH, is casting the net much wider.

Giving back to the users

After a reportedly outstanding year in terms of growth, the exchange is taking responsible steps to give confidence to users as the market conditions shift out of favour. “We have always been a user-first company and we want our users to know that we care,” said Lin.

Further, part of’s advancements this year include several wins in its global expansion push. “Over the last few months we’ve obtained licenses to operate in Dubai, Hong Kong, Malta and Lithuania, and set up operations in several key markets including Türkiye, Brazil and Vietnam in order to offer our users a more personal, localized experience.” Lin added.



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