Offers Zero Fees as Bitcoin Struggles with $20K

History of long-term growth

Not considering the technological prospects, which speak volumes on their own, the crypto market’s history is filled with massive ups and downs. But, the overall long-term pattern so far is that cryptocurrency is growing, and at times, exponentially.

Blockchain tech offers more than just fiat alternatives

The trends that fuel the bull markets have been changing. In the past, the market was dominated mainly by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others. Now, the market has matured, expanded, and ushered in a new wave of interest in areas like DeFi.

Reducing costs during market uncertainty

So while some hodlers are crunching the numbers and waiting for the next market cycle, others continue diving into emerging tech and projects. For traders that go either route, cutting costs is on everyone’s minds, especially during uncertain times in the crypto market and economy. Fees can add up, whether trading regularly or accumulating for the long term.



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