Offers Signup Bonus, Instant VIP Upgrade for Returning Traders
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

2022 was a hectic year for crypto, and nobody would blame you for taking a step back until the markets cooled off. However, if the revived market in 2023 brought you back, or you’re just looking for a reliable trading platform, the crypto exchange is now offering instant VIP upgrades for returning users and free rewards for new signups.

Up to $5000 in USDTest for signing up!

Newly registered users on can gain up to three chances at winning rewards ranging from $100 worth of cryptocurrency to $5000 in USDTest, which can be used to generate passive USDT income. Chances for a reward are earned by signing up and completing KYC, making your first deposit, and completing your first trade.

These are huge offers, considering that you only need to sign up to receive a bonus. Visit the signup page for more details.

Returning trader? Instantly gain back your old VIP levels

Traders that have been dormant on for the past six months, meaning no trading activity, can receive a complimentary upgrade to their previous VIP level. The VIP level awarded is determined based on the highest previously-obtained level from the last 18 months.

This offer extends until March 6, 2023 (UTC). Returning traders can apply for the upgrade through the offer announcement page.

A safe bet for trading crypto

Over the past 13 years, has carved its name in the digital asset space by providing a safe and reliable environment to trade cryptocurrency. In addition to its institutional-grade security, recently completed another proof-of-reserves audit after being the first exchange to do so back in 2020, showing that it holds all of its users’ deposits.

The platform is loaded with user-friendly but advanced trading tools, along with over 1,400 listed cryptocurrencies. On the main platform, traders can access the spot market, margin, leveraged tokens, derivatives, copy trading, and much more. Additionally, supports a thriving NFT marketplace and a wide variety of digital finance products for passive earning, liquidity mining, lending, and borrowing, to name a few.