Offers Huge Prize Pool in WCTC S3 Trading Competition
2 min readNov 1, 2022


Another huge prize pool is up for grabs in the third season of’s World Cup Trading Competition (WCTC S3). The event is set to kick off in December to coincide with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

WCTC S3 is hosted by the global cryptocurrency exchange to unite the crypto community in a friendly futures trading competition. Traders of all skill and experience levels can enter to stake their claim as the best profit taker.

The new season is being launched following the success of WCTC S1 and S2, which cumulatively had 19,000 participants from more than 130 regions compete worldwide. New records were broken in S2, with one team earning an astounding $185,000 profit while another solo trader clocked over 30,000% in gains.

WCTC S3 Breakdown

WCTC S3 challenges crypto traders worldwide to achieve the highest futures trading profit. The competition takes place on the contract trading platform, which features a comprehensive set of perpetual and delivery contracts and robust quantitative strategy tools. So, competitors should have no problem topping the leaderboards.

Rankings are based on both total profit amount and profit rate as a percentage in individual and team-based competitions, meaning deep pockets aren’t needed to win.

Unique to this season is the 2022 World Cup predictions, offering a tremendous prize pool to be shared by those who successfully predict the World Cup finalists and winners. Further, extra bonuses such as airdrops, fee discounts, and merch are offered to the highest volume traders and team captains.

Even more special prizes, such as x2 reward multipliers, are available for early bird registrations, new users, and referrals. Lastly, there are prizes for all competitors, even if they don’t top the leaderboard. Each trader will receive an entry into the Lucky contest with a 100% chance of winning.

Built for traders

The cryptocurrency exchange is one of the top 10 exchanges worldwide. With nearly a decade of building blockchain technology, offers one of the most secure and stable crypto trading platforms. Notably, it has an industry-leading contract trading platform, which features everything from perpetual and delivery contracts to quantitative trading tools. In addition, traders can borrow up to $100,000 with zero interest and receive discounts through the point system and VIP tiers.



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