MiniApp Integrates, Crypto-Friendly Travel Booking at Your Fingertips
2 min readAug 16, 2022


As cryptocurrency and blockchain usage grows, it finds new use-cases that expand the world of digital commerce. One company,, has forged its path as the leading blockchain-based online travel platform, and, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has partnered with to bring decentralized travel services to millions of users through the MiniAPP.

To help kick off this new partnership, users can receive a $25 travel coupon when they log into through the MiniAPP.

Exposing blockchain-based tourism to millions of users is the first merchant to launch on the MiniAPP, a recently released third-party merchant platform seamlessly integrated into As a result, users can now access blockchain-based travel booking services and pay with various cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, GT, or Travala’s native token AVA, to name a few.

Dr. Han Lin, CEO and Founder of, said: “Our collaboration with goes back to 2020 when GateToken was integrated as a payment method. Since then, they have seen tremendous growth and potential. remains steadfast in building avenues for next-gen platforms, like, that advance the blockchain industry.” is a blockchain-based travel booking platform founded in 2017. It has since evolved from a small start-up into the world’s top platform in its category, growing to offer travel bookings for over 2 million properties in more than 90,000 locations across all continents.

CEO and Founder of, Juan Otero, said: “Integrating with established exchanges like is crucial to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. As the bridge between Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies for millions of users, exchanges are the focal point of most global crypto activity, and connecting directly to them considerably simplifies crypto commerce.”

The platform supports a wide range of mainstream cryptocurrencies as payment methods and traditional payment options. Furthermore, its customers benefit from tokenized incentives offered through’s native cryptocurrency AVA, which is used for payments, rewards, refunds, and as a store of value, among other use cases.

Crypto applications at your fingertips

The MiniAPP is a new platform hosting third-party applications that provide users with cryptocurrency-ready shopping, games, services, and more. In addition, the platform expands the realm of possibilities for cryptocurrency usage and spending, exposing high-quality Web3 applications to millions of users worldwide, as it’s integrated directly into the mobile and web app and supports GatePay as a payment method.