Market Watch: Hong Kong Sees A Stronger Future For Web3
3 min readMar 14, 2023

Hong Kong is known for its vibrant and dynamic economy, making it an attractive destination for investors around the world. The city’s strategic location also makes it an ideal hub for businesses that operate in the Asia-Pacific region. As a result, Hong Kong is home to many financial institutions, which means that there is a large pool of potential users (institutional and retail) for the crypto market.

Several benefits of the Hong Kong market:

Moreover, Hong Kong has a well-developed regulatory regime that provides a stable and secure environment for investors. As an example, in 2020, the Hong Kong government launched a regulatory framework called the “Opt-in Licensing Regime” for virtual asset service providers. The framework provides a clear and comprehensive set of guidelines for virtual asset service providers in Hong Kong and aims to promote the healthy development of the virtual asset industry by enhancing investor protection, reducing money laundering and terrorist financing risks, and fostering market transparency.

Under the new regulatory framework, virtual asset service providers in Hong Kong must obtain a license from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to operate legally. The license requires virtual asset service providers to comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations, as well as implement robust risk management and cybersecurity measures. (TCSP) Licence and ongoing strategy:

These factors make the Hong Kong market an increasingly attractive hub for crypto businesses, including Gate Group, the world-leading exchange. The group is committed to expanding its presence in the Hong Kong market by applying for a new crypto license that will allow them to launch Gate HK.

Last August (2022), Hippo FS (Gate Group’s Hong Kong-based company) obtained the Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) Licence, permitting them to provide virtual asset custodial services to global users. Additionally, Hippo FS has dedicated resources towards creating teams that will manage local operations and ensure the security of its services infrastructure and client’s assets.

Regarding continued developments, Dr. Han Lin, Founder of Gate Group, recently tweeted, “Very excited about Hong Kong. Having obtained the TCSP License in HK, Gate Group is also preparing for a crypto license and fine-tuning Gate HK, a new platform tailored to serve HK’s growing crypto market, stay tuned.”

The impending launch of Gate HK following the group’s new cryptocurrency license application and the acquisition of the TCSP license are significant steps toward the growth and expansion of blockchain and virtual asset adoption. These moves not only deepen the group’s relationship with global crypto investors but also provide added confidence to investors who entrust Gate Group.

The Hong Kong market’s growth and expansion in the crypto industry will attract more investors, increasing liquidity and demand for cryptocurrencies. As more investors enter the market, the value of cryptocurrencies is likely to increase, providing opportunities for traders and investors.

“Hong Kong is a global strategic market for Gate Group, not only because Hong Kong is the hub for many financial institutions and investors, but more importantly, the industry-leading regulatory regime of Hong Kong helps boost confidence for the whole industry and provides additional stability for investors,” Dr. Lin Han added.


In summary, the Hong Kong market’s growth and expansion in the crypto industry will bring benefits in terms of increased liquidity, demand, and value for cryptocurrencies. The city’s strategic location, well-developed regulatory regime, and government support for new technologies make it an attractive destination for businesses that operate in the crypto industry. As a result, the Hong Kong market is expected to play a significant role in the growth and expansion of the global crypto market in the coming years. Gate Group’s expansion into the Hong Kong market is a testament to the city’s potential and will undoubtedly contribute to the crypto industry’s growth and success.