Lists PEPE, BANK, MEME, VMPX and PIZA, Becomes Largest BRC-20 Exchange
3 min readMay 9, 2023

Bitcoin-based tokens continue their explosive journey toward a $1 billion market cap as one of the leading crypto exchanges,, takes the position as the largest BRC-20 token exchange. At the same time, announced that it would host BRC-20 projects on Statup, its initial and non-initial token launchpad, with a free $piza (PIZABRC) token airdrop.

BRC-20, a new token standard for creating fungible assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, has exploded in popularity as the BRC-20 total market cap recently exceeded $700M. Based on the Ordinals protocol, BRC-20 emerged in March 2023 as an experiment to explore the creation of fungible tokens on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Since then, thousands of BRC-20 tokens have been created, with some reaching market caps upwards of $400M.

Initially, there were very few, if any, places to trade BRC-20 tokens. As several platforms raced to support BRC-20, one of the leading crypto exchanges,, announced it would be the first to list the Bitcoin-based ORDI token. Considering ORDI is the highest-valued BRC-20 token, it was no surprise that it exceeded $100M in trading volume within 24 hours of listing.

New BRC-20 token exchange listings on

Following the success of the ORDI listing and the massive community response and support, recently announced that following BRC-20 tokens are available:

  • $VMPX (VMPX) on May 9 at 03:00 AM (UTC)
  • $meme (MEME) on May 9 at 04:00 AM (UTC)
  • $bank (BANKBRC) on May 9 at 05:00 AM (UTC)
  • $pepe (PEPEBRC) on May 9 at 06:00 AM (UTC)
  • $piza (PIZABRC) on May 9 at 07:00 AM (UTC)

As one of the largest and longest-running exchanges, has become known for listing up-and-coming cryptocurrencies so traders can access rising projects and tokens. To date, has listed more than 1,400 different cryptocurrencies– the most of any mainstream exchange. Moreover, with the addition of multiple BRC-20 tokens, is quickly becoming the go-to exchange for BRC-20 tokens.

Finding new BRC-20 tokens and other rising projects

BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals are very much a new area of crypto, mainly exploring uncharted territory on Bitcoin. Though, many of the early Bitcoin-based projects have already taken off. However, along with listing several major BRC-20 tokens, has announced that it will support BRC-20 projects on its token launchpad Startup.

The first BRC-20 project to be hosted on Startup is $piza (PIZABRC), a token that pays homage to the famous pizzas purchased for 2 BTC in 2010. Startup offers $piza as a free airdrop, traders can place orders until May 9 at 00:00 (UTC).

For those looking to explore new and rising tokens, hosts initial and non-initial token launches and listings on Startup. On the platform, traders can obtain tokens through free airdrops or discounted pricing before they hit the market. Professionals vet each project and token, and only lists high-quality projects with potential. With Startup, there’s ample opportunity to get in early, considering some previous projects have reached over 8000% in all-time-high return on investment.