Lend & Earn Offers +200% APR and Huge Prizes in Lending Competition
2 min readJun 1, 2023

Capturing gains in crypto doesn’t have to mean exposure to higher-risk strategies. While some crypto traders prefer chasing the market swings, others take a more laid-back route, such as simply holding for the long term. While this can be a less risky approach, traders should know they can still earn while also holding without actively trading on the market.

This is where platforms like’s Lend & Earn stand out by offering steady returns for traders who lend their crypto at specified interest rates with the ability to redeem back their crypto at any time.

Lend & Earn allows users to loan their idle crypto assets to earn interest. Everything is over-collateralized, meaning lenders are guaranteed to receive back their original crypto and any profits from interest. This is a much less risky way to earn a steady income from idle crypto than day trading or other methods, which often require more time, skill, and effort without guaranteeing returns.

Up +210% APR on new tokens! Win up to $1,000 USDTEST.

Lenders can loan out dozens of cryptocurrencies ranging from mainstream assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum to lower-cap altcoins. Furthermore, consistently expands the list of supported cryptocurrencies, with the latest additions, including the KAVA, KEY, and HIGH tokens, with APR ranging from 18.40% all the way up to 211.99% APR.

Along with adding new tokens, Lend & Earn is hosting the Money Management Contest, where lenders can win trading discounts and USDTEST worth up to $1,000. The contest ends on May 28; check out the activity announcement for details and rules.

Start lending and earning today

One of the key advantages of Lend & Earn is its intelligent interest rate mechanism. Rather than using a fixed interest rate, Lend & Earn will automatically adjust interest rates in near-realtime. This ensures that lenders are quickly and easily matched with borrowers and that lent crypto is not left idle. Also another great advantage is that lenders can redeem their crypto and returns in as little as 1 hour after lending, meaning there are no lengthy lock-up periods or long-term commitments.

Getting started is an easy four-step process. First, users must have a account with KYC, and then they can choose the crypto to lend, enter the amount and interest rate, and then begin earning or redeeming in as little as 1 hour. Overall it’s an easy process, and the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Lend & Earn is enormous, so it’s a no-brainer for anybody with dormant crypto assets sitting around.