Launches Flexible Crypto Loan to Strengthen Your Investment Portfolio
3 min readJul 27, 2023

Dear users,

We are delighted to announce that the flexible crypto lending service is officially launched. Flexible crypto lending is a loan product with no fixed term and market-oriented interest rates. This innovative product will maximize the benefits of digital assets, allowing users to enjoy free and convenient lending services without selling their original holdings. It offers more flexibility and convenience for users in terms of lending services. Flexible Crypto Loan flexible crypto lending is an innovative lending service product where users can collateralize one type of token to the platform to borrow funds in another type of token. Once the loan is approved, the funds will be credited immediately, and the interest rate during the loan period will be adjusted according to market dynamics. Borrow and repay at any time.

For example, User A holds BTC assets, but doesn’t want to sell in the current market. Instead, they hope to use additional funds to participate in new projects, contracts, or leverage trading. At this time, User A can use the flexible lending product only to collateralize some of their BTC assets to borrow a corresponding amount of USDT, and then use USDT for other investments. Market-oriented interest rates, borrow and repay anytime, flexible and convenient.

Product Highlights

  1. High Utilization of Funds Through the flexible crypto lending service, users can use their existing assets as collateral to borrow target assets, thereby enhancing the liquidity and utilization of funds, without the need to sell their digital assets.
  2. Diverse Collateral Options’s flexible crypto lending service provides a variety of collateral token options, allowing users to flexibly choose suitable collateral products according to their own asset status and trading plans, to meet the needs and investment strategies of different users.
  3. High Flexibility The flexible crypto lending service supports borrowing and repaying at any time. Users can repay early according to their needs and manage their loans flexibly. The product also supports partial repayment. The system will default to prioritizing interest repayment first, then the principal, providing users with more options.
  4. Wide Range of Uses Users can use borrowed funds for various operations within the platform, including spot trading, contract leverage trading, and financial management. Users can also withdraw the borrowed funds to external platforms for trading, expanding a broader range of investment opportunities.
  5. Preferential Interest Rates provides competitive market-based interest rates for every user of the flexible crypto lending service, ensuring that users can get the most favourable loan conditions, thereby more effectively managing digital assets.

The launch of’s flexible crypto lending service will provide users with more flexibility and convenience, allowing users to better manage and increase the value of their held digital assets. Please feel free to explore and use this feature on If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. Thank you for your support of