Launches Cryptocurrency Gift Card
5 min readJul 27, 2023


Dear users, we are pleased to announce the Crypto Gift Card launch. As part of our continuous user experience enhancements and promotion of the mass adoption of digital assets, our crypto gift cards will bring users a fresh, alternative, and convenient digital assets experience. Cryptocurrency Gift Card

The Cryptocurrency Gift Card is an innovative and flexible product that allows users to acquire or give cryptocurrency by purchasing a gift card. It’s as easy as buying other physical gift cards; users can choose any face value. In addition, the cards can be gifted to anyone for easy access to digital assets, whether or not they are a user. Cryptocurrency Gift Card Highlights

  • Broad reach: Cryptocurrency Gift Cards provide users a more friendly and convenient way to get started with crypto. We want to bring cryptocurrency to a broader audience through this innovative way and further the popularization and development of digital assets.
  • Novel form: Cryptocurrency Gift Cards are both an on-ramp to digital assets and a special gift. On special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries, giving a Gift Card is unique and thoughtful.
  • Multiple benefits: To make users’ gifts more personalized, we provide a variety of gift methods, including text gifts, email gifts, and gifts through UID. Regardless of whether the recipient is registered on, users can confidently convey their thoughts.
  • Flexible face value: We respect the budgets and needs of all users, that’s why the gift card face value can be as small as 0.0001 USDT to tens of thousands of USDT, allowing users to create custom gift cards as they wish. In addition, the list of supported cryptocurrencies will expand down the road.
  • Zero handling fee: We are grateful to users for supporting To reciprocate the love, there will be no handling fee for the whole process, from creating gift cards to giving and receiving gift cards. Your every goodwill is worth the return of words.
  • Strong security: Gift cards put security first. Each gift card has a unique redemption code to ensure its value is not tampered with so users can give cryptocurrency to others with peace of mind.
  • Strong liquidity: Cryptocurrency gift cards will bring new liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. When users cash out gift cards, more cryptocurrency will flow into the market, injecting new vitality into the entire crypto ecosystem to promote positive and healthy market development. Cryptocurrency Gift Card Usage Process provides users with a simple and fast way to send and receive cryptocurrency. Users only need to complete three simple steps (creating, sending, and cashing out) to experience the excitement of digital assets. gift card supports custom functions without paying any processing fees. Lastly, the cards are sendable to and users via text, email, or GateUID.

Create a gift card

  1. Log in to the Gate app, click on【More】at the homepage, then scroll down to the bottom, and click on【Gift Card】

2. Click on【Crypto Gift Cards】, then select【Create Gift Card】

3. Choose a gift card, confirm the cryptocurrency and the amount you want to send, then click on【Create Gift Card】

4. Verify the order information, click on【Payment】, input your fund password to finalize the order

5. The gift card was created successfully

Send a gift card

1. Select the gift card you want to send, then click on【Gift】

2. Select sending method

2.1 Select【Send Gift Card】. Click on【Copy】to copy the redemption code and send the information directly to the recipient

2.2 Select【to Email address】, and enter the recipient’s email address along with the giver’s name. In this step, you can also include a message for the recipient. Once confirmed, click on【Gift】to complete the process

2.3 Select【to account】, and enter the recipient’s Gate account email, phone number, or UID, along with the giver’s name (please ensure the recipient is a Gate user). You can also include a message for the recipient at this step. After confirming, click on【Gift】to complete it

Redeem gift cards

  1. After receiving the gift card, Click on【Redeem Gift Card】at the Crypto Gift Card homepage

2. Enter the redemption code to complete it. The funds will be transferred to your payment account

Thank you for your trust and support of We firmly believe that’s Cryptocurrency Gift Card will be a new starting point for your digital asset journey. Whether you are a senior cryptocurrency enthusiast, a novice explorer, or a giver eager to give others surprises and hopes, Cryptocurrency Gift Card will open a new door to the crypto world for you.