Launches Crypto Gift Card Center with GatePay and MiniApp Partners
2 min readJul 7, 2023


The main barrier to spending your cryptocurrency doesn’t have to do with cryptocurrency itself but with its acceptance by businesses. While some of the world’s largest companies already accept cryptocurrency, others are still catching up.

A great way around this is to buy gift cards with cryptocurrency through the Gift Card Center. users can browse, search, and purchase gift cards for thousands of online brands, retail stores, subscription services, phone plan refills, gaming platforms, and more. Some major brands include Netflix, Amazon, Apple iTunes, Xbox, Adidas, and Nike.

The crypto gift cards are provided through GatePay and Gate MiniApp partners, which include vetted and legitimate crypto-friendly businesses such as Uquid and CryptoRefills. GatePay and Gate MiniApp ensure that all payments are seamless and secure, so users can quickly spend their crypto from their account.

Spend your crypto on your favourite brands and services

While waiting for your favourite brand to accept Bitcoin, head to’s Gift Card Center. Once there, you’ll find recommended gift card deals alongside sorted categories like games or eSIM, or you can just search the endless list of available cards. Once you find a gift card, you can safely and securely buy it through a verified Gate MiniApp or Gate Pay partner using your cryptocurrency balance.

Aside from gift card retailers, the Gate MiniApp hosts many third-party businesses, apps, and games that accept cryptocurrency as payment, enabling millions of users to utilize cryptocurrency beyond trading and investing. Users can shop for their favourite brands, plan for their next vacation, enjoy play-to-earn games, and much more without ever leaving the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Outside the MiniApp, GatePay is helping millions of users spend their crypto wherever and whenever. With over 1500 supported cryptocurrencies and no additional fees, users can easily scan a QR code to pay with any supported GatePay-partnered merchant. This includes online and in-person transactions with businesses like the crypto-friendly travel booking services or retailers like Uquid and