Launches Crypto Exchange GateTR in Turkey, Marks Global Expansion Milestone
2 min readNov 18, 2022

Throughout Q3 2022, Group, the parent company of crypto exchange, revealed its global expansion progress in several key crypto regions such as Dubai, Lithuania, and Turkey. Now, a new milestone has been achieved. Recently announced in a keynote at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022, and its Turkey-based counterpart Gate Turkey unveiled GateTR, a new crypto exchange tailored to serve Turkey’s growing crypto market.

Reveal and launch of GateTR at IBW 2022

During the keynote, the Head of Gate Turkey, Kafkas Sonmez, presented several key features of the new GateTR exchange, including:

  • User-friendly and ultra-fast trading experience tailored to Turkey’s crypto market.
  • Trade cryptocurrency, buy or sell with Turkish Lira (TRY) and withdraw to local bank accounts.
  • GateTR will share’s listing policy to the fullest extent available in Turkey.
  • Later expansion of trading products and services beyond spot trading.
  • Q1 2022 to see announcements of collaborations to merge crypto trading with areas such as transportation, travel, and shopping.
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support

Also discussed was the strict adherence to regulatory compliance and AML/CTF controls employed by Group and that compliant operations are central to the exchange’s commitment to regulators and users in Turkey. Additionally, Founder and CEO Dr. Lin Han further reinforced’s adhesion to Proof of Reserves audits following the release of’s open-source Merkle Tree method, welcoming other exchanges to follow suit.

Lastly, invited visitors to attend a special afterparty co-sponsored by to facilitate meaningful discussions around blockchain and Web3 and to participate in exclusive online and onsite activities to win NFTs.

Expanding globally, in Turkey, and beyond

After establishing offices in one of Istanbul’s business districts in May, began expanding its operations in Turkey in preparation for GateTR’s development and launch and formed strategic partnerships with other industry companies and local banks.

The launch of the GateTR crypto exchange is a significant step forward in Group expanding its products and services to more users globally. Group has put regulatory compliance at the center of its globalization strategy, dedicating resources to ensuring it meets or exceeds the expectations of regulators and legislation.

Aside from establishing offices in Turkey this year, Group groups’ various regional entities acquired licenses and registrations respective to their regions, including a VASP registration in Lithuania, VFA Class 4 license in Malta, a TCSP license in Hong Kong, and a DMCC license in Dubai.