Launches 10th-Anniversary Activities and New Products for Users, Brokers, and Market Makers
3 min readMay 24, 2023

It’s been roughly a decade since Bitcoin first hit $100. That seems far-fetched given Bitcoin’s not-so-distant high of $69,000 as crypto’s total market cap measured in the multi-trillions. However, roughly around the sub-$1000 era, several high-profile thefts ravaged early crypto platforms.

2013 was also the year was founded. It was launched to provide a secure and convenient way to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during a time when that was much needed. Ten years later, serves millions of users globally and remains one of the top digital asset platforms. Now, to celebrate this achievement and give back to loyal users, launched countless activities with huge prizes to be won.

10th Anniversary activities

To kick off the celebrations, has launched a dedicated page for several 10th-anniversary activities, ranging from VIP and MM tier upgrades to games, social events, airdrops, trading competitions, and much more. In addition, many activities offer exclusives such as prizes, gifts, and trading discounts, to name a few.

Also, just before the kick-off, launched Gate Wealth. This new wealth management product offers stable returns on crypto investment products with APRs ranging from 3% to 5% and terms as low as seven days. In addition, is spicing up the Global Market Maker Program with MM and VIP level upgrades for market makers, brokers, and high-net-worth individuals.

Win a Lambo, receive airdrops, and more!

All of the event’s activities can be found on the page under the “10th Anniversary” section. Users will find a Lamborghini supercar giveaway alongside red packet gift airdrops, trading battles with prizes, chances to support charity initiatives, play-to-earn style games, and more. Also, users can share their best moments on to win exclusive merch.

Treasure Gifts

In this activity, users can take to social media to share their birthday wishes with alongside a selfie of themselves. Based on social media engagement, several users will be chosen to win prizes worth up to $1000 in trading bonuses. The event has already started and ends on May 31st. Visit the Treasure Gifts activity announcement for more details.

VIP Sharing Campaign

This one is for big traders who are spread throughout other exchanges. offers instant VIP upgrades to the next level for users whose trading volume exceeds 8 million USDT on another exchange. Simply put, trades can submit their trading volume from another exchange to receive the corresponding VIP+1 tier on This activity runs from May 16th until the end of July. Head to the VIP Sharing activity announcement for more details.

Broker Program Upgrade — 100% Rebate offers a minimum 40% commission to all brokers using the API, exchange, or portal on products such as bots, copy trading, asset management, and more. Also, during the activity, API brokers can receive a three-month grace period where they are exempt from review. Other exclusive benefits for brokers include a 100% commission for a limited time on spot trading, comprehensive market support that provides registration gifts for new users, social media and PR, content cooperation, AMAs, and more. Head over to the Broker Program Upgrade announcement for more details.