Launched 0% Interest Mixed Collateral for USDT Perpetual Contract Trading

To improve users’ trading experience, has introduced a mixed collateral feature for trading USDT perpetual contracts.

With the mixed collateral feature, users are able to borrow up to 100,000 USDT for contract trading using BTC in their spot account as collateral, with no interest required. The collateral amount of BTC will be deducted from the user’s spot account automatically, without it being necessary to sell any BTC or transfer the BTC to the perpetual contract account. Meanwhile, the assets which are borrowed via mixed collateral cannot be withdrawn. Currently, mixed collateral is only available for Web users. Mobile App users will gain access to this service soon!

This “mixed collateral” feature enables traders to trade futures using crypto assets in their spot account as collateral, thus mitigating the risk of their position being liquidated forcefully. There is no kind of “interest” involved as no real borrowing takes place. However, when the loan to value (LTV) ratio reaches the threshold, the position will be liquidated forcefully (no matter if there are sufficient funds in the perpetual contract account or not). So please ensure there is a sufficient amount for the collateral currency and top up the collateral as the LTV ratio surges.

Note: LTV ratio = value of the borrowed amount/value of the collateral amount; generally, a high LTV ratio indicates a high financial risk.

How to Borrow USDT with a Mixed Collateral

1. Head over to the Perpetual Contract trading interface via

2. Click “Borrow” under “Mixed Collateral” (on the left side of the interface).

3. Enter the amount of USDT you would like to borrow and select the currency you’d like to use as collateral (currently, only BTC is available). Enter the collateral rate and the collateral amount; finally click “Confirm Loan”. Perpetual Contract’s Perpetual Contracts are one of the most active crypto-asset contract trading markets in the world. At its peak, we hit a total trading volume of $800 million on the Perpetual Contracts platform, with an insurance fund of over 1,000 BTC to compensate users when traders’ balance drops beneath zero.’s Perpetual Contracts provide 100X leverage for BTC, and 20–100X leverage for other major cryptocurrencies such as ETH, EOS, LTC, BCH, BSV in order for users to go either long or short. The close position is calculated based on the price index from multiple platforms, which helps the trading feature run continuously and reduce investors’ risks. However, contract trading involves higher risks with high leverage, hence, users should understand the trading rules and be aware of the market risk, and make investments cautiously.

Currently, the interests of Perpetual Contract Trading are settled in BTC and USDT. Users need to deposit BTC to engage in BTC settled contract trading or USDT in the USDT settled contract trading. The USDT settled Perpetual Contracts can help eliminate market volatilities, which is more suitable for new traders. The BTC and USDT settled Perpetual Contracts Trading, and their simulation trading areas are already available on

How to trade contracts (e.g. BTC):

BTC/USD Settled Perpetual Contract Trading Area:

For web users:
For Mobile app users: please go to “Contracts” — BTC settled contracts

BTC/USDT Settled Perpetual Contract Trading Area:

For web users:
For Mobile app users: please go to “Contracts” — USDT settled contracts

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