Joins Panel Discussion at Portugal’s Epic Web3 Conference to Foster Growth and Innovation
2 min readJun 15, 2023, a top cryptocurrency exchange, participated in panel discussions at the Epic Web3 conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on June 9th.

The conference is a leading event in Europe aimed at supporting the growth of Web3 startups, developers, and creators. Over 700 attendees joined the event and engaged with over 50 speakers and 70 VCs. These speakers included leaders from the most prominent companies bridging the gap between blockchain and the future of the internet.

Nelson Lopez,’s Global Head of HR Operations, was part of a panel of experts who provided guidance to Web3 founders on talent management, team formation, and HR strategies in the Web3 and blockchain space. Founders also had the opportunity to receive one-to-one advice from Nelson and other panel experts. This helped the founders better understand how to succeed in this rapidly expanding industry.

Two days prior, Nelson was also present at the Non-Fungible Conference, an experimental Web3 event, where he similarly engaged with attendees and provided industry experience and insight with up-and-coming startups, developers, and artists.

As Web3 approaches, is dedicating more resources to collaborate with industry peers to ensure users can benefit from the best of what Web3 offers. Events like Epic Web3 provide with a platform to share insights and experiences with the broader community, fostering growth and innovation in the field.

The event aligned with’s recently launched platform, Gate Web3. This platform is designed to help cryptocurrency users manage their non-custodial wallets, transact with others, access cross-chain tools, and engage in decentralized trading in futures and spot markets. Gate Web3 aims to provide a go-to platform that is both innovating for today and readying users for the emergence of Web3.