Introduces Margin Sharing with Portfolio Margin Account
2 min readJan 12, 2023

The crypto exchange makes investing easier for margin traders with a new Portfolio Margin Account. This margin-sharing tool enables traders to unlock the full potential of their digital asset portfolios.

The Portfolio Margin Account allows traders to combine all assets in their portfolio to open positions on spot margin and BTC-M, USDT-M, and USD-M perpetual contracts. As a result, traders no longer need to transfer between their spot, margin, futures, and options accounts.

With this new portfolio account type, traders can hedge risks using their entire portfolio as a whole, which can reduce margin adjustments during times of volatility. Additionally, it improves capital efficiency, saving traders precious time. In contrast, the Classic Account isolates each asset individually, meaning they cannot be utilized together for margin across all accounts. is staying ahead of the game has launched the new Portfolio Margin Account to create a more seamless trading experience on the exchange and provide traders with more flexibility. “We are constantly working to improve users’ experience on and the tools they have at their disposal, whether it be UI improvements, new trading tools, or reinforcing security practices,” said Dr. Lin Han, Founder and CEO of

Traders on can now access more advanced tools that provide greater opportunities to take advantage of the crypto market and maximize positions. With its regular improvements and upgrades, continues to outperform in the rapidly evolving crypto industry, giving its users that extra edge needed to stay on top