Hosts Inter-Industry Workshops to Prepare Professionals for Web3
2 min readJun 13, 2023

This month, Nelson,’s Global Head of HR Operations, is organizing several workshops with cross-industry partners between June 8th and 13th to discuss the future of work and the changes it brings to talent demand, with human resources leaders and recruiters. The events are designed to help in preparing HR Teams to not only navigate, but lead these changes, and foster cross-functional communities within and outside crypto and web3 industries. Ultimately, the goal is to collaboratively improve HR products and services and help companies quickly adapt to the changes brought by digital workstyle, artificial intelligence, distributed teams and the new generations.

On June 8th, Nelson held a workshop with a credit institution based in France. The workshop was an opportunity to share valuable insights on how people management is evolving in light of the Future of Work. The workshop helped to gain a better understanding of the historical context of present changes, what it means for individuals and businesses working together, and how to merge with an increasingly decentralised yet interconnected future, thereby promoting cooperative and cross-industry growth in ensuring readiness for the future Talent generations.

Next, Nelson will host a workshop with a reputable international recruitment consultancy firm, offering Talent Sourcing across the globe. The workshop will revolve around the types of candidates needed in this new era of work, comparing the culture, expectations, and skill sets of Talent versed in traditional fields and those on the cutting edge of digital trends. Overall, the workshop will give Talent Acquisition Managers a deeper understanding of identifying candidates who are prepared for the changes ahead, their profiles, expectations, and needs, as well as how to ensure customers are ready to attract and integrate this Future of Talent workforce.

The Future of Work encompasses a wide array of changes, from the rise of remote work to an increased reliance on digital platforms. These disruptions hold the potential to transform traditional workflows and socioeconomic systems, affecting both individuals and businesses. On an individual level, it will change how we interact, work, and access information online. On the business level, it will require a cooperative effort to rethink and redefine how we form teams, build organizations, and innovate to better serve customers in this rapidly changing environment.

As a leader in advocating for the evolution of work and its impacts, People Operations at take a multi-faceted approach to fostering growth and advancement in various sectors across the crypto and Web3 arenas. The team will continue to introduce innovative ideas and make further efforts to build bridges between industries, organizations, and individuals.