Extends Free VIP Upgrades for Portfolio Margin Account Traders
2 min readApr 25, 2023

The global crypto exchange has extended its VIP upgrade campaign for traders using its Portfolio Margin Account, where traders can receive instant upgrades to their VIP level. The VIP tier system provides competitive discounts on trading fees and other exclusive perks and benefits; the higher a trader’s activity is, the better the rewards are.

Now extended to May 10, the Trading Feedback Campaign is offering traders using the Portfolio Margin Account feature an instant upgrade to the next VIP level above their current qualified level. Traders can become eligible for the upgrade by either meeting minimum volume requirements or submitting suggestions or feedback during the campaign period.

Traders that provide their input through the feedback form are eligible for an upgrade to VIP level 8 or the next tier above their current level if they are already at or above level 8. Alternatively, traders can earn an upgrade to the next level if their total trading volume exceeds $2 million during the campaign period.

What is a Portfolio Margin Account on

Based on evolving market trends and feedback from its global community, regularly implements new and enhanced existing features. The Portfolio Margin Account feature is one of the more recent enhancements that enables traders to utilize the entire value of their portfolio for margin trading. The net balance, margin valuation, and maintenance requirements are bundled together under one multi-asset account supporting spot margin trading, USDT-M, and BTC-M.

There are several benefits to using the Portfolio Margin Account on The main feature is that traders can raise their overall capital utilization rate significantly compared to a Classic Account. In addition, the risks are consolidated, streamlining margin adjustment operations during volatile markets, as these adjustments are blanketed across one account’s assets. As a result, this account type is best for more advanced margin and futures traders that want to consolidate risk and increase the efficiency of their margin management operations.

In contrast, the Classic Account system isolates individual assets from each other, meaning that each asset and its associated margin are managed and invested independently. The net balance, margin valuation, and maintenance requirements exist independently for each asset.

The ever-growing complexity of the crypto markets can quickly make trading equally complex for advanced and experienced traders. Features like the Portfolio Margin Account help smoothen out the overall trading experience and allow traders to focus more on the market trends and news and worry less about the technicalities of trading. On top of this, the Trading Feedback Campaign is a welcome bonus for traders constantly looking for that extra edge in the markets.