Enhances VIP Discounts & Affiliate Program to Include Copy Trading
3 min readAug 30, 2022, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently upgraded its tiered discount eligibility requirements to be inclusive of Strategy Bot and Copy Trading activities. In addition, both platforms have also been included in’s affiliate program, which offers huge commission potential.

The tiered VIP discounts allow users to reduce their trading fees. Ranging from VIP0 to VIP16, each level offers a more significant discount with maker fees as low as 0%. Users can obtain levels by meeting just one of three eligibility requirements: 30-day trading volume, GateToken (GT) holdings, or the total value of account assets.

With the new upgrade, a user’s activity on the Strategy Bot or Copy Trading platforms will contribute to VIP-level eligibility. Moreover, as a bonus, users can refer others to the platforms and earn up to a 50% rebate commission. With these two upgrades combined, users and affiliates can take advantage of the industry’s most competitive fees and highest rebates.

Tom Yang, EVP at, said, “Ensuring that users’ trading experience has the fewest barriers at a low cost is a part of our commitment to accessible crypto. Our tiered discounts are designed to be flexible and inclusive, and we’re taking further steps to enhance this by adding our VIP tiers and Affiliate Program to the Strategy Bot and Copy Trading platforms.”

Industry-leading Offering from’s Strategy Bot & Copy Trading’s Strategy Bot platform allows experienced traders to browse, create, and utilize spot and futures trading strategies that help to automate and optimize trading activities. In addition, strategy creators can access pre-defined strategies or create custom ones using quantitative tools.

In comparison, the Copy Trading platform is where creators can offer up their strategies for others to copy, earning a small commission along the way. Anyone can browse a creator’s strategy and copy one after considering profit and loss, history, and suitability. So, whether traders are seasoned or just starting, both platforms provide opportunities to automate and optimize crypto trading.

Affiliate Program with Up to 50% Commission

Earning opportunities can be accessed through’s Affiliate Program, where users can apply to become affiliates and leverage their social followings and networks to earn a commission. Additionally, affiliates can access various benefits, including professional account management, contract bonuses, campaign and traffic support, and up to a $600/month base salary.

Trustworthy and user-centric

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