Enhances Trading Security with Self-Trade Prevention for Futures Market API Users
2 min readApr 7, 2023, a prominent global digital asset trading platform, has announced the introduction of a Self-Trade Prevention (STP) feature for futures markets. This initiative aims to provide a safer trading environment for users and prevent market manipulation, including self-trading.

Self-trading occurs when users or a group of related users trade with themselves, which can disrupt price discovery, distort supply and demand data, and negatively impact market fairness. Intentional manipulation through self-trading is strictly prohibited on

However, not all self-trading is intentional. Some users may accidentally match their own orders while running different trading strategies simultaneously, inadvertently causing self-trading and affecting the market. To address this issue, has launched an STP feature for futures markets to help users avoid self-trading risks.

Starting March 15, 2023, futures API users can enable the STP function, which blocks orders that would result in self-trading. Users can configure STP settings to invalidate maker, taker, or both orders in the event of self-trading. Customizable parameters ensure that trading strategies remain unaffected by unintended self-trades.

The introduction of the futures STP feature demonstrates’s commitment to continuously improving its trading system and providing a secure environment for users. For more information on the STP function, users can refer to the platform’s API documentation or submit an application to enable the self-trade protection mechanism.