Enables New Spot Margin Trading Feature for Select Users
2 min readJul 27, 2023, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has launched Spot Margin Trading, enabling users to quickly and easily utilize margin for spot market trading. The new feature is being rolled out to select users starting July 24.

For Spot Margin Trading, individuals with a minimum account worth of $10,000 or VIP level 6 can effortlessly borrow funds from within their spot account. Using margin for spot trading is a hassle-free process, as it can be temporarily enabled while placing a spot market order or permanently through the settings panel.

Once enabled, users can access leverage and magnify their trading positions with only a fraction of the funds, resulting in a massive increase in potential returns. For example, users can amplify their position by 10x while only retaining 10% of the position’s value. In addition, positions can be increased or decreased dynamically based on market trends, offering a high level of flexibility. All of this helps users access more opportunities and funding during those critical times in the market.

Spot Margin Trading is available on 1000+ spot market trading pairs, which benefit from higher liquidity due to the increased market activity from margin traders. So, users can tap into a wide variety of assets with high liquidity for any market situation. Also, borrowing is a simple process as it all happens within a user’s spot account and can be enabled on-demand with each spot order.’s founder and CEO, Dr. Lin Han, stated, “As we continue introducing new features, such as Spot Margin Trading, we are proud to provide our users with greater opportunities in the global market. At, we are dedicated to constantly expanding our users’ horizons.”

With the launch of Spot Margin Trading, new possibilities are being unlocked for millions of users on As one of the largest exchanges worldwide with the most diverse selection of assets and trading pairs, holds itself responsible for ensuring users get a complete digital asset experience. Enhancements such as Spot Margin ensure that users have every tool at their disposal.