Boasts Highest Returns for Crypto Earning Products
5 min readJun 16, 2020


Committed to providing users with diversified trading services, has introduced successive launches of ‘Margin Borrowing’, ‘Crypto Lending’, and ‘Hold & Earn’ among a wide range of crypto earning products over the past years.

To help our users find the most suitable products for themselves, we recently conducted a comparison on the crypto earning products launched by mainstream exchanges, which leads to the conclusion that offers various advantages both in returns and handling fees for crypto earning products such as ‘PoS & Earn’, ‘Lock-up & Earn’, ‘Crypto Lending’, and ‘Periodic Investment Plan’.

*Note: We only compared’s crypto earning products with existing counterparts from other major exchanges; products in that do not have any counterpart in other mainstream exchanges were not covered by this comparison.

I Highest Annual Interest with ‘PoS & Earn’

Currently, the ‘PoS & Earn’ feature under ‘Hold & Earn’ provides non-fixed earning products in TRX, EOS, ATOM, ALGO, XTZ, ONT, VET, SERO, NAS, and DAI. Except for NAS, which enjoys a stunning 1,500% annual interest rate, the average annual interest rate for the remaining cryptocurrencies hits about 11.7%, which is the highest compared to those of other exchanges (see Table 1 and Table 2 for details).

Table 1 Average Annual Interest Rate of Non-Fixed Earning Products of Major Exchanges

Table 2 Annual Interest Rate of Non-Fixed Earning Products of Major Exchanges

II Highest Annual Interest with ‘Lock-up & Earn’

The ‘Lock-up & Earn’ feature is applicable IoTeX, BTC, ETH, and EOS in a lock-up period of 30/90/180 days, with an average annual interest rate of 22.1%. For mainstream cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, and EOS), a 30-day lock-up span is available. Among the surveyed exchanges, is the only platform that offers lock-up services for the three cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and EOS, with the annual interest rate of each reaching 10%. For instance, under a 30-day lock-up, provides a 10% annual interest rate for EOS, significantly higher than that of other exchanges (see Table 3 for details).

Table 3 Annual Interest Rate of Major Cryptocurrencies (30days) of Mainstream Exchanges

III Best Annual Interest & Fee with Crypto Lending

Currently, the daily interest rate ranges from 0.01%-0.2% for crypto lending products in the market. In, however, the daily interest rate can reach as high as 0.2%. The lending and borrowing activities take place entirely between users, without the intervention of the platform. The daily interest rate could shift based on the situations of the lending and borrowing market. Lenders can set their interest rates according to the situation of the borrowing market, thus maximizing their earnings. Following are some advantages of’s ‘Crypto Lending’ feature (refer to Table 4 for more details):

1. Up to 0.2% daily interest rate and up to 73.0% annual interest rate

2. An 18% fee rate, lowest among counterparts; simultaneous use of VIP and POINTs discounts leads to a fee rate of as low as 1.4742%
*Calculation formula: 18%*0.3 (highest VIP discount) *0.273 (POINTs discount)=1.4742%

3. Short loan term

4. Multiple currency types supported

5. Automatic loan extension supported

6. Customized setting of loan rate available

Table 4 Crypto Lending Products of Major Exchanges

IV Unique Periodic Investment Plan Supports Redemption at Any Time launched the ‘Periodic Investment Plan’ in May 2019. As the first and only mainstream exchange to implement such a feature, allows users to make their own periodic investment plans. As shown in Table 5, the interest rate of the top ten periodic investment products hovers from 40% to 80%, with an average interest rate of 58.60%. Among them, ‘My Periodic Investment Plan’ posts an interest rate of up to 78.31%.
The past 30 days have seen a 1.0% to 17.0% interest rate for the top-ten periodic investment products, with an average interest rate of 6.27%. Among them, ‘Periodic Investment Plan’ sticks out with a 16.80% interest rate registered.

Apart from a high interest rate, Periodic Investment Plan provides users with a more accomodating timing feature. Besides monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly, users can set a term based on the hour. Moreover, free from “T+1” and freezing period, users can redeem their assets any time they want.

*Note: ‘Periodic Investment Plan’ is not a guaranteed investment. Instead, it is still subject to market fluctuations. A price surge would lead to a return. However, a loss is likely in the event of a price slump. Please be cautious before getting involved in and do not make investments beyond your capacity.

Table 5 Interest Rate of Top Ten Periodic Investment Products

1. ‘Hold & Earn’
2. Crypto Lending
3. Periodic Investment Plan
4. Enables VIP Discount for Crypto Lending
5. Best Fee Announcement
6.Information from official websites of other exchanges is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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