Bi-Weekly Report (Mar 16–31)

The Gate bi-weekly report brings popular events to your attention as well as new developments to help you stay ahead of the market. Here is a quick recap of the most significant events of the past two weeks: Launched Dual Currency Yield Mining & Multiple Token Pools Introduced a “Push” Feature
-Multiple Startup Projects Have Been Listed On Successfully
-A Series of Activities Have Been Carried Out Such As: Trade #Props & Win A Share of $10K Mega Rewards,’s 2nd Market Maker Trading Contest & Win $480,000 Points And So On “Hodl & Earn” Launched Multiple Rounds of Staking Products without Lock-up Listed Several Tokens with an Accumulative Value of $ 24,000 in Airdrops

Over the past two weeks, the total perpetual contract trading volume was about 9,477,198,605 USDT and the crypto-to-crypto trading volume amounted to about 6,959,317,786 USDT.

1. Launched Dual Currency Yield Mining & Multiple Token Pools officially launched a yield farming feature on March 20, which allows users to earn handling fees as a passive income by providing liquidity to the market. dual coin yield farming automatically displays the impermanent loss and allows users to earn a “hands free” passive income! We initially launched ETH-BTC mining with a pool defined by low impermanent loss and stable earnings.
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2. “Hodl & Earn” Launched Multiple Financial Products has listed #FAR AND #BNB POS staking financial products. Meanwhile, we also launched “HODL & Earn” products, including: “Lock CUDOS & Earn”, “Lock XED & Earn”, “Lock BLANK & Earn”, “Lock SLN2 & Earn”, “Lock FIRE & Earn”, “Lock AKT & Earn”, “Lock XYM & Earn”, “Lock EHASH & Earn” and “Lock TPT & Earn”, “Lock PROPS & Earn”, “Lock DIS & Earn” , “Lock BAKE & Earn”, “Lock BNB & Earn”and “Lock RNDR & Earn”with annualized yields of up to 150%. In addition, the 9th round of SharkFin products was launched.
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3. Launched a Discounted STAR Sale on Startup will list and launch FileStar (STAR) discount sale on Startup at 01:00 AM April 2rd, with the sale price of $2. Valid orders placed in 21 hours are treated equally
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4. Multiple Startup Projects Have Been Listed On Successfully
Over the past two weeks, we listed & enabled trading on the following tokens: TARA, DORA, ORAO, and COOK.
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5. Multiple Opportunities for You to Win Massive Rewards on held 5 activities to benefit users over the past two weeks.

From March 16 to March 26, 2021, Smart Quantitative Investment Volume Exceeds $300 Million & Participate in Grid Trading & Win a Share of $20,000 in Prizes

From March 16 to March 28, 2021,’s 2nd Market Maker Trading Contest & Win $480,000 Points

From March 17 to March 24, 2021, Trade Props Token (PROPS) & Win a share of $10,000 Mega Rewards

From March 24 to March 31, 2021, ATD Launch: Deposit, Trade ATD & Win a share of $16,000 Mega Rewards

From March 26 to April 5, 2021,’s Eight Anniversary Celebration Invited You to Share your fond memories and future vision with
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We ran a series of successful activities over the past two weeks, including: Trade on Derivative Market & Win up to 1000USDT and 300GT, and Super Airdrop Benefit for Deposit & Trade DOWS, VRA, BAMBOO, AKT, SWOP, RNDR, and POLC. has distributed prizes to the winners, and we thank you for your active participation!

6. The 97th to 104 th Rounds of Voting for Listing Ended With an Accumulative $25,000 in Airdrops.
RNDR, POLC, PCNT, ALAYA, ODDZ, OVR, MRCH and GLQ #Voting for Listing# campaigns completed and these tokens have successfully listed on We have rewarded users with token airdrops, enabled trading and withdrawal services. The 84th round #Vote CRBN for Listing# is currently on! Please stay tuned for more voting activities:

7. Multiple Tokens Have Been Listed listed & enabled trading on the following tokens: ZEE, AUTO, KONO, BCUG, BSCPAD, TOOLS, XYM, PKF, RLY, ANC, DAFI, CHAIN, MATH, BTCST, VSP, CTK, EWT, ARCX, DG, SPI, STR, BANK, DENT, UST, GO, OMI, SHR, UMX, CONV, TIDAL, K21, LABS, OGN, ESS, BLES, POLY, HGET, DSLA, REVV, AXS, NOIA, CFI, MTL, ALCX, RAI, FST, BRY and NMR.
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8. Multi-Tokens Margin Trading and Margin Lending Were Added on
We added OXY, LINA, XYM, RNDR, ALN, MANA, VRA, STAR, YIELD, VET, RNV, JULD, REEF, SUPER, ANC, ALICE, PERP, RAMP, TARA, OGN, ANKR and BLES margin trading as well as margin lending.
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9. Enabled Multiple-tokens Perpetual Contracts (USDT Margining)
We added OXY, ALICE, LINA, ANC, SUPER, CRU and RNDR perpetual contract trading (USDT margin), supporting 1–20 X long and short operations. In addition, leverage can be selected at the time of placing an order..
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10. Has Introduced “Push” Feature‘s new feature, Push, allows peer to peer trading between users and complete buy or sell functionality. Push is a spontaneous transaction between users with the advantage of flexible transfers and easy coin trading. Risk warning: Push is a spontaneous transaction conducted by users, and there is no need for both sides to re-confirm the trade result after clicking the button of “Confirm Transfer”. Therefore, please check the transfer quantity and amount carefully to prevent losses.
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11. Two-Side Positions Feature on Perpetual Contract(USDT Margin) Trading has introduced a new feature: two- side positions perpetual contract settled by currency standard. This feature is supported by the website, the latest APP (both IOS and Android) and API.
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