Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 May Issue #1

To enhance communication with our users, has started sharing the Bi-Weekly Report. You can scan through the recent updates and announcements from the 1st till the 15th of May 2020, which are summarized in this report.

May 11th, 2020, GMT 19:23:43 witnessed the 3rd BTC halving with a BTC price of $8,745.87 at GMT 20:00. has launched GateChain’s first-ever governance voting and the final scheme voted by users was 2.1. has launched the “single listing vote” campaign on May 11th, and the first joining project was Klaytn. The volume of perpetual contracts trading reached $3,892,721,870; the volume of crypto-crypto trading reached $1,498,066,391.

1. Solution 2.1 Passed Via GateChain’s First-Ever Governance Voting Launches Voting to Enable the Trading Service of NAX/USDT

3.Rewards of Predicting Halving Price Have Been Distributed; the Closest Price Was Only $4.13 Different from the Actual Price

4.Influencers of Crypto Space Have Been Determined Via “Win GT Bonus & Be Influencers” Campaign Has Launched Klaytn Via Single Listing Vote#1

6. Launched HODL & Earn (Issue 3) 7th-Anniversary ETH Lock-up & Earn Sold Out in 1 Hour; EOS Lock-up & Earn Is Ongoing

8. BTC Sale (№23) Buy-Back and Burn 501221.453GT Has Released the Winners of “My 7-year Stories About” Distributed Compensation for ALY and KAI Holders

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