Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 June Issue #2

1. The GateChain Mainnet Genesis Hard-core Launch, PoS Mining Has Been Initiated

2. Futures Trading Simulation- Rank Daily, Win 3000 GT

3. AMA Announcement of Ravencoin

4. 7-Day Spot & Futures Trading Contests Concluded — with a Maximum Daily Rate of Return of 236.31%

5. HODL & Earn Launches SENC Lock-up & Earn, Annual Interest Rate 60%; HODL & Earn Launches SERO PoS & Earn(Issue 4), Annual Interest Rate 20%

6. Upgrades Its VIP-Tiered Fee Structure (Upgrade by Asset Amount)

7. Perpetual Contract Web Page Update

8. Releases Android App with “Pay-to-subscribe Livestreams” and “Recording Short Videos”

9. has Released iOS TestFlight 2.4.8

10. Listing Vote #12 — Cartesi VS Solana; Solana Won and Has Been Launched

11. Single Listing Vote #2 AR Has Been Launched; Single Listing Vote #3 COMP Has Been Launched

12. Launches COMP and FIL Perpetual Contract Trading (USDT settled)

13. Now Provides FIL (IPFS) Margin Trading and Borrow & Lending Services

14. Startup 20% Discount ETH Sale (№25) Concluded Successfully

15. AMA Announcement of Cartesi and Solana

16. BTC Sale (№24) GT Buy-Back and Burn 371,747.9981 GT

17. Research: Application of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) in Blockchain



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