Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 June Issue #1 ‘HODL & Earn‘ Products Offer the Highest Benefits Compared To Major Exchanges.

2. Ongoing pressure testing and optimization of parameters prior to the introduction of GateChain Mainnet

3. Launched 0% Interest Mixed Collateral for USDT Perpetual Contract Trading

4. Has Cut Management Fee Rate for 3S and 3L ETFs to 0.1% Launched V1.8.0, DApps Supported Listing Vote #11 — Raven Classic VS Standard Tokenization Protocol, RVC Won and Has been Launched’s 6th Round of 7th-Anniversary EOS ‘Lock-up & Earn‘ and 7th BTC ‘Lock-up & Earn‘ Sold out — 7th-Anniversary Campaign Has Concluded Has Swapped BTMX Addresses to ERC20

9. Has Switched NBOT to ERC20 and Enabled NBOT Deposit and Withdrawal Services

10.AMA Announcement of Klaytn Research: Development Direction of Blockchain Privacy Protection Mechanisms



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