Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 July Issue #1

1. Launched Short-Term Options Trading has officially launched BTC/USDT short-term options trading and simulation trading for call/put options that are 1/4/24 hour (hours) before expiration. The handling fee is 0.05%. Check out here to learn more details

2. Launches Single Listing Vote with Polkadot (#4) and Cartesi (#5) is launching a single listing vote from 4:00 AM GMT July 15th to 4:00 AM GMT July 16th with Polkadot (DOT). Check out here to learn more details Moreover, is to launch another single listing vote with Cartesi (CTSI) from 04:00 AM GMT July 20, 2020 to 04:00 AM GMT July 21, 2020. Click here to learn more details:

3. Meter Fulfilled its Fundraising Goal, Trading Service Enabled Startup launched its latest project with Meter on July 15th, 2020. During the Startup token sale, with a total of 2,272 participants, a total of about $27.4 million USD worth of orders were placed (with a total of about 51.67 million GT), and the distribution ratio is 0.02201. The MTRG trading service will be enabled at 4:00 AM GMT, July 17th on The withdrawal service will be available afterwards. Check out here to learn more details

4. & TokenInsight: The First Global Digital Asset Market Making Competition Plus the Third Global Digital Asset Quantitative Trading Competition is teaming up with TokenInsight to hold the ‘First Global Digital Asset Market Making Competition Plus the Third Global Digital Asset Quantitative Trading Competition’ from 4:00 AM GMT, July 31st to 4:00 AM GMT, September 30th. will provide technical support and a super-low fee rate during the campaign. Winners are able to win up to $4,000 USD worth of GT, get access to VIP 15 for 6 months, and receive Colocation services. The competition registration is now open. Check out here to learn more details

5. Launched ‘Predicting Halving Price of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Sharing 10,000 BCD’ is now launching the “Predict Halving Price & Win Bonus” event as a way to embrace the upcoming BCD Halving. From July 8th to July 22nd, users can predict the price of the BCD halving on Twitter and mention @gate_io’s and @BitcoinDiamond_’s official account. The top 100 BCD-holding users with predicted prices closest to the actual price and random 50 users participating in the prediction, will share 10,000 BCD. Check here to gather more details

6. Has Integrated Polkadot (DOT) Mainnet, Deposits Enabled (Claim DOT to Share 100 DOT) has finished the integration with the Polkadot mainnet, with deposit and trading services available. Users can now go through the integration process with a DOT address to claim their DOT and deposit DOT on immediately. Those who conduct the integration and make a deposit before July 22nd will have the opportunity to share 100 DOT (around 10,000 to 20,000 USD) based on their deposit amount. Check out here to learn more details

7. Launched DOGE Perpetual Contract Trading (USDT settled) has launched DOGE perpetual contract trading settled in USDT. Traders can make a profit by going long or short with 1–20x leverage. Check out here to learn more details

8. ‘HODL & Earn’ Launches PoS & Earn (Issue 4) Offerings, Annual Interest Rate up to 12% ‘HODL & Earn’ has launched PoS & Earn (Issue 4) offerings with VET, ONT, XTZ, and ALGO. The annual interest rate is 10%, 6%, 7%, and 12%, respectively. Check out here to learn more details

9. Listing Vote #13 — Ocean VS (Ocean Won; Trading Service Enabled)

By 04:00 AM GMT July 7th, 2020, there were 2,497 participants, contributing a total of 51,664,630 votes. Ocean became the winner in this round, with 2,089 supporters, contributing 44,585,231 votes. has distributed OCEAN airdrops to voters. Check out here to learn more details

10. Futures Trading Simulation Concluded — with a Maximum Daily Rate of Return of 2823.28%

During this campaign, the highest daily simulated profit rate was 2,823.28%, and the highest simulated profit amount was 7,081.613073 USDT. We have distributed the rewards to each winner. Users can check the received rewards at “My Wallets — My Billing.” Check out here to learn more details

11. Is Going to Delist CNYX Peg

To satisfy users’ trading needs and maintain the stability of the market, we have decided to delist CNYX from the market gradually. The specific scheme is as follows: 1) Terminate the crypto trading of CNYX against BTC, ETH, DOGE, EOS, BCH, USDC, TUSD, XRP, TIPS, BTCSV, and PAX. 2) Allow the USDT/CNYX trading pair until August 7th, offering plenty of time for our users to swap their assets to USDT. Check out here to learn more details

12. AMA with COTI, Ocean, and

On July 3rd, had an AMA session with Bruce Pon, Founder of Ocean Protocol, and Juan Otero, Co-Founder & CEO of, during which our CMO, Marie Tatibouet asked a gazillion questions about both projects! Check out here to learn more details: Additionally, Marie interviewed the CEO of COTI, Shahaf Bar-Geffen on their payment solutions, on July 14th. Click this link to learn more:



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