Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 April Issue #1

To enhance communication with our users, has started sharing the Bi-Weekly Report. Users can scan through the recent updates and announcements, which are summarized in this report.

During the 1st til the 15th of April, 2020, introduced “Young Fore7er” Campaigns to celebrate the 7th anniversary. Also, new updates of were introduced, including the sub-account feature, a new version of its VIP tier and fee, as well as “Crypto Space”, “Talk to the Streamers” (the telephone icon), and “Bullet Screen Comment” in its Android App. The volume of perpetual contracts trading reached $1,862,286,438; the volume of crypto-crypto trading reached $1,060,184,977.

1.The“Young Fore7er” Campaigns Is in Full Swing, with More than 40 Thousand Users Joining the Livestream

April marks the 7th anniversary of simultaneously with the lockdown of Wuhan being relieved, the former epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the situation in China improves. On 7th April, launched several “Young Fore7er” Campaigns.
On April 14th, CMO Marie and Community Manager Patrick collaborated with projects, sharing Passphrase Red Packets during the live stream.
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Meanwhile, the Collection of “My 7-year Stories with” is ongoing, inviting you to share your stories about GT rewards will be given to those who provide us with intriguing or fascinating stories.
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What’s Coming Next:

BTC Startup Special Offer with 30% Off: will be offering $250,000 worth of BTC for sale with a 30% discount on Startup at UTC 4:00 on April 27th. All the users can participate in the sale. The discounted BTC are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please click here for more: HODL & Earn with Major Cryptos: HODL & Earn will be launching 7 Lock-up & Earn products with major cryptocurrencies for the celebration. The total value of tokens to be locked is above $7,000,000, the annual interest rate is 10%. Please pay close attention to any follow-up announcements.

2. New Products Have been Launched in HODL & Earn

Following the end of the second issue, new products with strong popularity have been launched in HODL & Earn (issue 3), providing you with even an greater selection of investment choices. The new PoS & Earn products are listed as follows:
Go and find your favorite products at HODL & Earn

Additionally, IoTeX Lock-up & Earn(3 months)with 25.00% P.A, is still available.
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3. New Updates to Were Introduced

The “Sub-account” feature was launched, to provide a more convenient way for users to manage their assets. Users can create several sub-accounts to invest and manage assets through the current account (hereinafter referred to as Master account). Currently, this feature is only open to VIP5 or VIP5+.
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In the meantime, a new version of the VIP tier and fee was also launched. In the new layout, after having logged into their accounts, users can view their VIP tiers, exclusive fee discount, transaction data, and progress to the next VIP level.
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4. “Crypto Space”, “Talk to the Streamers” (the telephone icon), and “Bullet Screen Comment” Were Launched.

After introducing Live, “Crypto Space”, through which users can share their moments with others, and “Talk to the Streamers” (the telephone icon) were launched, based on our community’s “social” needs.

“Crypto Space” is similar to a crypto community, in which users can share their feelings, receiving contributions, likes, and comments from others.

In Live, with the feature of “Talk to the Streamers”, app users can apply for permission from the streamers to interact with them by tapping the telephone icon. The streamers can open or close this function.

The two new functions mentioned above were included in the android app (2.6.2 Beta). Besides, “My profile” was added in the app, which can support unregistered users for “Contact Support”.

In addition to the updates in the app, “Bullet Screen Comment” was added to our website. In our website, you can send or see the bullet screen comments by visiting the spot trading page of coins (e.g., after logging in the chat room. It’s a cool new feature to comment on current market action and literally see your comments “fly” over the screen. Why not have a go!

5. Reserve has been listed and the delay of RSR deposits was tackled

The RSR/USDT and RSV/USDT trading and withdrawal commenced on April 8th on
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To guarantee the security during the deposit, the block confirmation required a relatively long time, resulting in a delay of deposits. To deal with it accordingly, all the accumulated deposits were performed within 3 seconds from April 8, 2020, UTC 06:05:07- April 8, 2020, UTC 06:05:10. compensated users who suffer a loss as a result of the fluctuations of the market price due to the concentrated deposits.
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6. Startup KAI Token Sale Result, the Burning of the Cautionary Deposit of ALY & KAI and the Compensation Scheme.

On April 8th, 2020, the tokens of Startup KAI were all sold, raising 18,121,190 USDT more than the goal. The KAI trading service was enabled on April 9th. However, the price of KAI and ALY dropped below their initial token offering prices. sincerely apologizes for the price drops and will compensate users who have suffered a loss because of it. For users who wish to apply for compensations, please submit the tickets through The deadline for applying for compensations: UTC 15: 59: 59 on April 30, 2020.
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7. Research: The Size of the Crypto Derivatives Market Still Has Plenty of Room to Grow and Will Experience Exponential Growth in the Future.

According to the Analysis of the Development of Cryptocurrency Derivatives in 2020, released by Research, the size of the crypto derivatives market still has plenty of room to grow. In the future, the market will be expanded through American options and tradable indexes. With the release of a list of entities that have been approved an exemption from holding a license under the Payment Service Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, it is believed that more countries and regions will relieve regulatory pressure on cryptocurrencies, which could lead to an exponential growth of the crypto derivatives market.
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