Becomes Leading BRC-20 Exchange, Expands Support for Bitcoin Ecosystem
2 min readMay 17, 2023

Crypto Twitter is calling on exchanges to list BRC-20 tokens as the total market cap for the new Bitcoin-based tokens surged around $1 billion this past week. Meanwhile, the global crypto exchange is already one step ahead, having been the first to list ORDI, the largest BRC-20 token, earlier this week. Moreover, it has now expanded that list to ten tokens, making it the largest BRC-20 trading platform.

Based on an overwhelming response from the crypto community, has committed full support for BRC-20 tokens while other exchanges are looking to catch up. Support from includes BRC-20 tokens on its token launchpad Startup, where new Bitcoin-based tokens can gain initial exposure before launching or listing on In addition, has announced it is exploring how it can support the development of Bitcoin’s newfound BRC-20 token and Ordinals ecosystem. has already listed the following BRC-20 tokens for spot market trading: ordi (ORDI), pepe (PEPEBRC), VMPX (VMPX), bank (BANKBRC), piza (PIZABRC), nals (NALS), drac (DRAC), $BSV (BSVBRC), NOOT (NOOT).

Finding new BRC-20 token listings

One after another, BRC-20 tokens will begin their listing on through Startup, where traders can subscribe to a specific token and receive either a free airdrop or acquire the tokens at a discounted price. Then, when a token gets adequate support from the community, and after the subscription threshold is met, Startup will list the tokens for trade on the exchange. So far, several BRC-20 tokens, such as NOOT, piza, drac, and many others, have already been listed through Startup.

Cultivating growth in the Bitcoin’s growing ecosystem

In addition to the listings, recently announced that it would support the BRC-20 and Ordinals ecosystem by providing infrastructure solutions and expanding its support for the new token standard. In short,’s commitment to supporting Bitcoin’s growing ecosystem includes the following:

  • Wallet support and services.
  • Free or reduced-cost exchange distribution for BRC-20 or Ordinals projects.
  • Enhanced liquidity support for the BRC-20 markets.
  • Expanded support for BRC-20 token withdrawals. has long been known for having the largest selection of tradable cryptocurrencies of any mainstream exchange, with over 1,400. Part of this is due to supporting tokens and projects that the crypto community expresses interest in. Also, has discussed its responsibility in cultivating growth in various crypto ecosystems, which also applies to Bitcoin’s BRC-20 and Ordinals sub-ecosystems.