and Uquid Bring Seamless Crypto-Friendly Shopping to The MiniApp

Shop-to-Earn, a Web3 e-commerce platform, is bridging the gap between crypto users and retail shopping, offering millions of physical and digital products ranging from fashion and appliances to gamecards and bill payment services. On Uquid, shoppers can directly connect their digital wallets, receive DeFi cashback and staking rewards, and purchase products using hundreds of cryptocurrencies on mainstream chains such as Ethereum. Also, unique to the platform, shoppers can pay with crypto in periodic installments with zero interest and no fees using PayIn3, Uquid’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” implementation.

About MiniApp

The MiniApp is a new platform hosting third-party applications that provide users with cryptocurrency-ready shopping, games, services, and more. In addition, the platform expands the realm of possibilities for cryptocurrency usage and spending, exposing high-quality Web3 applications to millions of users worldwide, as it’s integrated directly into the mobile app and supports GatePay as a payment method.

About Uquid

Founded in 2016, Uquid Card is the first payment card that connects to multiple Altcoins. As a crypto payment card pioneer, during Q3 and Q4 of 2016, Uquid reached 11 million global transactions. Therefore, Uquid was one of three Blockchain projects honoured at the 2017 TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco. Since 2018, Uquid has quietly developed its e-commerce project along with Defi smart payment solutions. In 2019 Uquid Digital Shop launched with more than 54,000 digital products.



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