and Uquid Bring Seamless Crypto-Friendly Shopping to The MiniApp

By the year 2025, global e-commerce sales are forecasted to account for 24.5% of the $31.27 trillion in retail sales worldwide, according to Statista. Additionally, crypto usage has continued to rise over the years, with many companies unveiling Web3 innovations that fill the ever-growing need for a more crypto-friendly internet.


To help bring Uquid to more crypto users worldwide, it’s now launching on the MiniApp, a platform that hosts third-party applications built directly into’s mobile app. The new partnership will allow millions of users to access Web3 online shopping seamlessly. Founder and CEO Dr. Han Lin stated: “Uquid is a pioneer in Web3 e-commerce, and our new partnership will expand the possibilities for millions of users, bringing online shopping with Web3 technology at its core to the MiniApp.” MiniApp Director Feng Zhou stated: “By launching Uquid on our MiniApp platform, we aim to build the app into a more comprehensive and user-friendly ecosystem. We believe crypto exchanges which can bring Web3 into people’s daily lives and, in the long run, will stand out from those focusing only on trading and investment activities.”

Uquid spearheaded Web3 e-commerce when it launched in 2016. It grew to accumulate over 1.25 million users by Q2 2022, with access to over 65 million digital and physical products. The platform also hosts a thriving NFT marketplace and digital store, expanding beyond traditional retail shopping.

When speaking about the new partnership, Mr. Tran Hung, the CEO of Uquid, said: “We are proud to have partnered with, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, combining the strengths of Uquid’s web 3.0 infrastructure and’s millions of traders. We are committed to jointly developing a user-friendly Web 3.0 marketplace.”

Expanding further, the Business Development Manager of Uquid, Ph.D. Baobie stated: “Collaborating with is a part of Uquid’s plans to further expand Web 3.0 and Defi into users’ daily lives and to serve a broader community in a more convenient and user-friendly manner”.

With this new MiniApp partnership, Uquid can now tap into a broader userbase through deeper integration into the ecosystem and enhance and develop more advanced decentralized features. By enabling further growth opportunities, Uquid can better provide its innovative Web3 shopping solutions to more global customers in the ever-growing global e-commerce and crypto markets.

About MiniApp

About Uquid

Today, with more than 65 million physical and digital products, this launch will be an essential milestone of the project with the ambition to build a bridge between e-commerce and smart shopping solutions made possible through smart contracts. Uquid’s goal in 2022 is to continue increasing the number of physical products to 5 million and expand Defi payment solutions to other networks, including Binance Smart Chain and Cardano. Uquid is also researching and seeking new partners who can jointly develop a Metaverse solution to help Uquid Online customers have the same real-life shopping experience but within virtual worlds.



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