and OggyInu Partner Up to Drive Innovation in the Cryptocurrency Industry
2 min readJul 17, 2023

--, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with OggyInu, an emerging token born from the vibrant meme market. OggyInu, an original brand with no affiliation to any broadcasting or production agency, has captivated the crypto community with its unique vision and dedicated development team.

With a deep understanding of the unpredictable nature of the market, OggyInu is driven by the passion of its team and the unwavering support of its community. Leveraging the latest technological advancements, OggyInu is poised to establish one of the most robust systems in the cryptocurrency realm.

Excitingly, OggyInu is set to introduce Multichain Wallet technology alongside check contract-only APIs, revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape. This technological breakthrough is highly anticipated and showcases OggyInu’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

To solidify their dedication to progress and expansion, OggyInu has forged a strong partnership with Gate NFT. The recent Twitter post by ( serves as testament to this collaboration. Furthermore, OggyInu has launched their exclusive NFT collection, named “Golden Ticket,” available exclusively on GateNFT ( This limited edition NFT collection offers unique perks and is a must-have for fans and meme enthusiasts worldwide.

The decision for to partner with OggyInu was simple and stems from OggyInu’s origins in the meme market, now evolved into a distinctive ecosystem. The promising upcoming features of OggyInu, such as OggySwap, an automatic coin-burning machine, OggyVISA, facilitating real-world payments using only cryptocurrency, and OGGYWallet, enhancing investment security, further strengthen the rationale behind this strategic alliance.

Moreover, OggyInu has ambitious plans to introduce OggyGame and OggyStaking, expanding its service portfolio to cater to a wider audience. The only NFT version of OggyInu is exclusively available on GateNFT, solidifying their collaboration.

OggyInu’s progress in community development and consensus has garnered attention and accolades within the market. In May 2023, OggyInu participated in an engaging AMA session with, discussing the Meme Market and sharing their optimistic outlook on development and vision.

About OggyInu:

OggyInu is an emerging token born from the spontaneous meme market. It is an original brand with no affiliation to any broadcasting or production agency. Driven by a passionate development team and a strong community, OggyInu aims to construct one of the most robust systems in the cryptocurrency realm through technological advancements and innovation. Contract Address: 0x7e877b99897D514da01bD1d177E693EC639961Af