Ambassador Program: Get Paid in Crypto for AMAs, Community Building, and More
2 min readMay 23, 2023

One of the ways to earn income in crypto is through affiliate programs. These programs offer commissions for inviting new users to a platform. While they can provide a great way to earn extra passive income, many of these programs’ earning opportunities end there.

Alternatively, there’s a more rewarding option. A new ambassador program from the leading crypto exchange offers rewards not only for inviting users but also for hosting discussions, connecting communities, and building relationships with other influencers. just launched the 2023 Summer Community Ambassador Program, and it’s an excellent opportunity for anyone to earn crypto by spreading the word and building bonds. In a sense, it’s a way of getting paid to spread crypto adoption.

What makes a good ambassador?

A Community Ambassador is the type that wants to be a part of a global movement that is pushing crypto forward. is a worldwide crypto exchange that’s been around since 2013 and now serves millions of users from every continent. Countless crypto adopters take their first steps through every year.

A Community Ambassador is someone who wants to get rewarded for showing others the ropes, forging connections with people and communities, and contributing to crypto adoption, all while promoting and getting paid for doing so. Also, the program is flexible and open to any type of online personality or community niche.

What does an ambassador need to do?

To succeed, a Community Ambassador needs to build relationships and promote, focusing on brand and community building. The program offers rewards for successfully conducting one of four activities:

  • Host: introduce to other communities by hosting AMAs.
  • Collab: join forces with other external communities to promote
  • Invite: invite new users to and help them begin their crypto journey.
  • Onboard: bring new faces to the program, such as community owners, influencers, or anyone who can contribute.

In addition to earning rewards directly through the program, Community Ambassadors can also leverage these opportunities to build their own following. Since Ambassadors not only promote but represent the global crypto community, it’s an opportune time to become the valuable go-to source for someone else’s venture into the world of crypto.

How to become a Community Ambassador?

The 2023 Summer Community Ambassador Program is currently accepting applications for new members. As previously mentioned, the program is flexible, and there’s no one specific type of person who fits the bill. Instead, the program is open to anybody with the drive to help broaden crypto’s horizons and grow’s ecosystem.

So, what’s the wait? Become a Community Ambassador today and begin earning by filling out the application form.