Adjusts GT Payment for Handling Fees and Recruits Market Makers is committed to providing the best possible service for users and to create a safe, transparent trading environment. We are one of the BTI verified crypto exchanges with authentic trading volume. We are also ranked as one of the most secure trading platforms by Hacken. To provide a better trading experience, we are now recruiting Market Makers to improve the market depth and liquidity on the platform. will provide special handling fee schemes (including Maker fee rates) for market makers. To accommodate the scheme, we are hereby adjusting the rules of GT payment for handling fees.

1) VIP tier 11 and above will be set as professional traders.
2) Professional traders can enjoy the market-maker fee scheme using GT as handling fee payment.
3) Handling fee discount from the affiliate program will no longer be available if the professional trader chooses to use GT to pay for handling fees.
4) Professional traders need to meet the VIP tier required and turn on the “use GT to pay fees” feature manually to enjoy the market maker fee scheme.
5) All the users can turn on the payment feature to pay handling fees with GT. For POINTs users, the feature is turned off by default; users can continue to use POINTs for handling fee payment without further operation. If this new feature has unfortunately caused losses regarding the handling fees, please contact us and we will cover the losses incurred accordingly.
6) If users who are VIP tier 11 and above do not turn on the GT handling fee payment feature, the will continue to deduct POINTs from user’s accounts based on the original fee scheme.
7) We have adjusted the requirements of trading volume and the amount of GT holdings for professional users, to provide a better service and a more competitive fee rate.
8) For market maker applicants, please contact us via to learn more about professional trading services.
9) If the maker fee rate is below zero, the token the trader receives depends on the payment token of the counterparty.

Please contact us via email: for market maker application or recommendation.

Below is the chart concerning the requirements of becoming a professional trader and the corresponding fee rates. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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