Gate Institutional Offers up to 100% Rebate and VIP Upgrades for’s 10th Anniversary
3 min readJun 13, 2023

As cryptocurrency weaves its way deeper and deeper into the internet, finance, and society, many new service providers have appeared that cater to professional clients. However, these platforms are often not at par with Gate Institutional Services, grounded in a decade of industry experience, innovation, and commitment.

To celebrate’s 10th Anniversary and give back to institutions, brokers, HNWIs, and other professional clients, has begun several exclusive activities providing rebates up to 100%, instant VIP level upgrades, new benefits, and more. These events have exclusive offers for both new and existing institutional clients.

New Broker Program benefits and rebates up to 100%

For all existing brokers using the API, Exchange, or Portal, offers a commission of up to 60% or, at minimum, 40%. For the spot and futures markets, the bonus commission rate is determined by the average monthly volume and new users obtained, while the options market rate only considers monthly volume.

The most significant benefit of this event is the 100% rebate offer. All new brokers who join during the activity period and meet LV4 requirements will receive a limited-time 100% commission bonus. This bonus applies to spot market trading activity during the first three months grace period; more on that below.

In addition to the bonus rebate rates, is offering new API brokers a three-month review grace period. Essentially, this extends the time period that a new API Broker can reap higher-level commission benefits. So, the highest benefit level obtained during the three months will remain until the period ends, with no review necessary until after.

Check out the event announcement to apply and for full details, exclusions, rules, and eligibility criteria.

Big bonuses for big traders offers a pretty sweet deal for all high-volume clients that are currently using another exchange. Until July 31st, clients that can prove at least $8M USDT of volume on another exchange in the past 30 days can receive an immediate VIP upgrade. For example, a $20M volume trader would be eligible for VIP level 8 but, through this exclusive offer, would receive an upgrade to VIP level 9 along with all the higher benefits that come with it.

Check out the VIP Sharing Campaign announcement for more info about VIP+1 offers. Also, for market makers, there is a similar event for the MM level system but offered through the GMMC Market Maker Program.

Built by professionals, for professionals

As a major institutional-level digital asset service provider with millions of clients globally, understands the importance of comprehensive and secure service for both small and large-scale, mission-critical operations. Backed by ten years of service and innovation, has meticulously refined its Institutional Services to remain competitive and on the leading edge.

  • Liquidity Program: Attractive and competitive rebates and low fees for market makers in the spot and futures market.
  • Broker Program: Robust and lightning-fast API products that enable sub-account management on a large scale with a competitive commission.
  • Lending Services: Negotiable cryptocurrency and stablecoin lending services for hedging, market-making, shorting, and other trading activities.
  • OTC and Execution: Access to deeper liquidity and large orders through private, personalized offers of practically any size.
  • Custody and Asset Management: Fully-licensed digital asset storage and management services backed by institutional-grade, multi-layered security.
  • Structured Products: Unlock predictable and stable returns through bundled digital asset products that are fully customizable for yield enhancement, capital protection, leverage, or any combination of objectives. clients can access massive derivatives and spot markets with high-frequency and low-latency API, SDK, and COLO services. In addition, they can access a wide array of data and tools for backtesting, analytics, and tax reporting, and VIP users can manage up to 1,000 sub-accounts. With Gate Institutional’s comprehensive offerings and highly competitive rates, professional clients of all types will find services that fit their personal and business goals.