Gate Group Launches 1:1 Match Fund Charity Campaign to Celebrate 10 Years of Service
2 min readMay 25, 2023


Gate Group, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, is launching a match funding campaign to fundraise for charity during its 10th-anniversary celebrations. The campaign began following its 10th-anniversary activities on May 20th.

Since its establishment in 2013, Gate Group has remained committed to providing users with safe, convenient, professional, and reliable digital asset services. While pursuing platform growth, quality services to global users, and furthering crypto adoption remain a top priority, Gate has not forgotten the importance of social responsibility.

Just as Gate serves users globally, it began organizing philanthropic actions worldwide with the vision of leveraging blockchain for positive social impact. To better realize that vision, Gate Group established Gate Charity, a global non-profit charity organization focusing on promoting the application of blockchain technology in philanthropy.

10th Anniversary: Gate Charity 1:1 Donation Campaign

Gate Charity raises donations for various charitable projects through 1:1 donation campaign: a match funding campaign. The charity fund will support public welfare organizations working towards environmental protection, access to quality medical care and education, child welfare, and poverty alleviation.

Gate Charity continues to pursue impactful charitable initiatives that provide lasting results. However, many more philanthropic projects and recipients are still waiting for support. Anyone can directly donate crypto through the platform, or participate in various charitable activities, such as auctions, raffles, NFT sales, and more, to help improve the lives of those in need. In addition, donors can view their donation records and achievements through their personalized dashboard on and Gate Charity welcome crypto users to join its celebrations and reflect on the past decade of crypto and blockchain. Along with raising funds for charity, the festivities will explore how has grown to serve millions of users with comprehensive digital asset services, ultimately helping to push adoption and innovation forward.