Gate Group Hong Kong Intern Recruitment: Gateway 2 the Future, Expand Your Career Path
2 min readJun 16, 2023

Calling on all students, Gate Group warmly invites you to join our latest intern recruitment program — Gateway 2 the Future. As an essential part of Gate Group’s expansion in Hong Kong, we hope to provide you with a platform to work with industry experts, showcase your talents, and gain valuable experience unique to this opportunity.

Established in 2013, Gate Group is one of the pioneers in the crypto industry. It has established a comprehensive ecosystem, which includes a cryptocurrency exchange, public blockchain, decentralized finance, research and analysis, venture capital investing, wallet services, startup incubator labs and more.

Whether you are a college student, graduate student, or graduating senior, as long as you are passionate about the cryptocurrency industry and eager to make achievements in fintech, Gate Group welcomes you to join.

To allow students to meet the Gate Group team, we will hold several recruitment activities at various universities across Hong Kong, including through Twitter Spaces and other means. Please keep an eye on our news page for the latest developments.

The Gateway 2 the Future recruitment campaign will be conducted during the summer of 2023, and there is currently no deadline. The specific deadline will depend on position availability. We encourage you to submit your applications as early as possible so that we can start the selection process sooner.

As an intern of the Gateway 2 the Future recruitment program, you will have the opportunity to work with Gate Group’s top talent, learn about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency industry, master cutting-edge knowledge of fintech, and participate in the rapid development of Gate Group’s Hong Kong business. Whether you are interested in technology, markets, operations, or risk control, you will find an internship position that best suits you.

Hong Kong is an international financial center with rich financial technology resources and an innovative atmosphere. We believe that local students have high learning ability and adaptability. We hope to recruit local interns in Hong Kong who will become the mainstay of Gate Group’s future.

If you are interested in Gateway 2 the Future, click the following link to participate in the recruitment: Recruitment Link

Please note that we will screen based on application materials and interview results and contact suitable candidates as soon as possible. If selected, we will provide you with competitive internship pay and good career development opportunities.

Let’s join hands to create the future, participate in Gateway 2 the Future, and realize your dreams.

Gate Group Team