Gate Group Attends TEAMZ Web3 Summit, Deepening Presence in the Japanese Market
2 min readMay 19, 2023

Gate Group, the world leading crypto firm, was among the key leaders, developers, and major blockchain companies that attended the TEAMZ Web3 Summit in Tokyo, Japan, from May 17 to 18. Gate Group’s upper management and Japan-based team discussed the future of Web3 and blockchain in Japan and its current and future impact on the global blockchain and crypto sector with other industry peers and attendees at the event.

TEAMZ Web3 Summit, which attracted over 3,000 audience and around 63 companies, is one of the most influential Web3 and blockchain events held in Japan, aimed at promoting the steady development of Web3 and deepening the industry’s collective understanding of Japan’s blockchain industry and crypto market.

A number of pioneers and experts active in the Web3 field from around the world were invited to give lectures at the Summit, explaining their understanding of the current state of the Web3 market in Japan and the international market. They also discussed the latest blockchain technologies and related solutions with attendees.

Currently, Gate Group is looking to build relationships in emerging Web3 markets, such as Japan, to stimulate positive discussions and advancements in the blockchain sector relating to tech development, adoption, education, and regulation.

The firm has always been at the forefront of the industry, actively participating in top industry events such as the TEAMZ Web3 Summit in Japan. As Gate Group celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company expects to further enhance its global market influence and provide users with even more secure blockchain and digital asset services.