Gate Group Attends AWS Summit Hong Kong 2023, Strengthening its Positive Impact on the Web3 Sector
2 min readMay 24, 2023

Gate Group, a leading global cryptocurrency group, attended the AWS Summit Hong Kong 2023 on May 23, 2023. The event, which attracted over 2,000 industry leaders and experts, is a focal point of innovation. It presented a diverse range of sessions covering trending topics such as Web3, generative AI, machine learning, chatbots, digital transformation and more.

The Web3 sessions at the event hosted energetic discussions around various topics, including modernizing Web2 applications with Web3 capability, demystifying Web3, rethinking business models with a Web3 mindset, etc. During these sessions, the Gate Group team, led by Edwin Cheung, actively engaged with other professional attendees in these sessions, exchanging success stories and industry knowledge with them.

The team’s participation in these lively discussions allowed them to stay informed of industry trends and gain valuable insights into the Web3 sector. Furthermore, the team introduced the company’s latest products and services to other partners and experts, which helped to further the group’s positive influence on the sector.

“Gate Group welcomes more events to take place in Hong Kong, especially given the city’s welcoming regulatory regime,” said Edwin. “We are eager to leverage these opportunities to network with industry leaders and explore new possibilities.”

As Gate Group approaches its 10th anniversary, the group is aiming to enhance its presence in global markets and provide better products to its users. By actively taking part in industry events like the AWS Summit Hong Kong 2023, the Gate Group team brings back valuable insights to enhance the group’s services.