Gate Group Advocates for Blockchain Empowered Charity at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai
2 min readMar 22, 2023

Gate Group has successfully participated in the World Blockchain Summit that took place in Dubai from March 20th to 21st, 2023. As a Silver Sponsor of the event, Gate Group advocated for the use of blockchain technology to promote charitable causes and showcased its innovative solutions and services.

One of the highlights of Gate Group’s participation in the summit was the keynote speech delivered by Dimitri Kyrlov, the Head of Eurasia Operations and Gate Eurasia Operations Director. During his keynote speech on the second day of the event, Kyrlov discussed the mission of Gate Charity, which is to promote balanced development in the world, and some of the major initiatives that the organization has launched recently, including the newly launched Gate Learn program. Gate Learn is an online learning platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide accessible education opportunities for people around the world.

In addition to the keynote speech, Gate Group also hosted a booth at B14, where attendees interacted with the company’s representatives and learn more about its blockchain solutions and services. The booth was a hub of activity, with attendees asking questions, networking, and engaging with the latest blockchain ecosystem and innovations.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of our participation in the World Blockchain Summit and the opportunity to showcase our initiatives and services,” said Dr. Lin Han, Gate Group’s CEO. “As a company, we believe that blockchain technology can have a tremendous positive impact on society, and we are committed to advancing its use for the greater good.”

Gate Group’s participation in the World Blockchain Summit was a testament to its commitment to using blockchain technology for social good. As a Silver Sponsor of the event, the company demonstrated its leadership in the industry and inspired others to join in its mission to promote balanced development and make a positive impact on the world.