Gate Convert Feature Upgraded, Better Liquidity and More Trading Pairs Supported
2 min readAug 31, 2023

Dear users,

Exciting news! We’ve just rolled out our brand-new instant exchange feature, Gate Convert. This upgraded service goes beyond just convenience. It’s designed with enriched liquidity, a broader array of digital currencies, and industry-leading rates in mind. All of this comes together to redefine and elevate your digital currency exchange journey.

What is Gate Convert?

Gate Convert allows you to seamlessly switch between different digital currencies. Simply approve the transaction rate within your spot account, and the system handles the rest, instantly completing the exchange without charging any fees.


  • Diverse Currency Choices: Our revamped Gate Convertnow includes 64 digital currencies, making it easier for you to convert between assets. This broader selection is set to enrich your trading and investment strategies.
  • One-Click Exchange & Immediate Settlement: With the Gate Convert feature, a few simple clicks are all it takes to exchange between different digital currencies. No complex procedures are required. Once the transaction rate is confirmed, the system promptly settles the trade. Your funds will be immediately credited to your spot account, ready for any subsequent transactions.
  • High Liquidity & Competitive Rates: The Gate Convertprotocol taps into multiple digital currency markets, ensuring superior liquidity and price execution. This allows you to access industry-competitive exchange rates, all free of any service charges.

Digital Currencies Available for Instant Exchange:

We offer exchange services in tandem with USDT, which includes a diverse range of 64 digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, TRX, ETC, among others.


If a desired currency isn’t mentioned here, please reach out to the Gate team for personalized conversion rates.

Guidelines on Convert Limits:

To accommodate a variety of user requirements, we’ve set a cap on the amount for each transaction. If your desired amount surpasses this limit, our team stands ready to facilitate an offline manual exchange.

Please note: There’s a minimum threshold of $1 for individual transactions.

Reach Out for Support on Instant Exchange:

Should you need tailored transactions with our Convertor have any inquiries, suggestions, or specific requirements, our dedicated customer support team is just a message away. Connect with us on Telegram at or drop us an email at We’re always here to support and assist.

Your ongoing trust and support for means the world to us. Rest assured, we’ll keep striving to deliver exceptional digital asset trading services to you.

Best regards,

The Gate OTC Team