Gate Charity’s ‘Dragon Boat Festival, Silver-Haired Happy Life’ Event Supports Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation
3 min readJun 21, 2023

Gate Charity, the global non-profit philanthropic organization of Gate Group, successfully organized a charity event at the Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation on June 19, 2023, in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The event, themed “Dragon Boat Festival, Silver-Haired Happy Life”, aimed to provide care and support to the elderly community and promote their well-being through creative activities and companionship.

Recognizing the importance of practical actions in caring for the elderly, Gate Charity implemented its motto of “a greeting, a visit, a help, and a hug” during the event. Through various engaging activities, the organization aimed to warm the hearts of the elderly and maintain their cognitive abilities by encouraging participation in creative handicrafts and paintings. The event fostered interaction, preventing feelings of loneliness among the elderly, and created a joyous, healthy, and lively atmosphere, fulfilling the collective desire to “care for the elderly.”

A unique highlight of the event was the creation of hand-drawn Dragon Boat Festival paintings by the seniors. These paintings will be transformed into NFT and auctioned on Gate NFT. All proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to the Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, further supporting their noble cause.

The charity event took place from 9:00AM to 11:00AM at the Qianjin Service Office of the Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation. Established in 1995, the Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation has been actively serving the elderly for 28 years. With a head office in Taichung and multiple service offices, volunteer stations, and cooperation stations spread across Taiwan, the foundation has provided care visits, home services, medical assistance, and more to over 10,000 elderly individuals living alone, vulnerable, or disabled.

During the event, Gate Charity deployed a team of five staff members to ensure its success. Alongside the dedicated staff, 15 seniors actively participated in the activities. The event’s schedule included an introduction of and Gate Charity, followed by a creative session where participants used bamboo leaf rubbing or collage techniques to draw Dragon Boat Festival-inspired artwork. Puzzle games, snack sharing, and companionship activities were also organized to enhance the overall experience.

Gate Charity would like to express their gratitude to the Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation for their collaboration and support in making this event a resounding success. Together, they hope to inspire others to join their mission of creating a compassionate society for the elderly, where the elderly are valued, cherished, and respected.

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