Gate Charity Successfully Raises Funds for Africa’s Benin and Donates Food to Local Children
2 min readJun 26, 2023

Every charitable deed, irrespective of its size, leaves a powerful impact on the lives of those in need. The recent philanthropic endeavour by Gate Charity perfectly encapsulates this sentiment, as it successfully raised funds amounting to $755 for the Benin Food Donation Initiative, a campaign to address food security issues in the lakeside town of Ganvié, southern Benin, Africa.

Nestled in the waters of Lake Nokoué, north of the metropolis of Cotonou, Ganvié is a unique lakeside town where houses stand on stilts, and children master the art of navigating a dugout canoe from a young age. Life here is intrinsically connected to the water, bringing a unique set of challenges for its dwellers, especially the children.

A town without substantial agriculture, Ganvié depends heavily on imports from surrounding towns. Food products are sold from dugout canoes that move from house to house, or at a large market located at the entrance of the village. However, rising populations, frequent flooding, and a compromised lake ecosystem due to overfishing and pollution present a dire threat to the town’s survival.

Gate Charity, recognizing the community’s plight, devised a targeted approach for their initiative. With the funds donated by people around the world, the organization benefited 100 schoolchildren and their teachers at CSC Dogodo Primary School through a generous food donation. This donation included cassava flour, fruits like oranges, bananas or pineapples, pure water bottles, and other essential food items.

This endeavour not only provided much-needed nourishment for the children, but also imparted a sense of hope and solidarity. It is with such initiatives that Gate Charity continues to impact the world, one deed at a time, fostering a positive change in the lives of those they touch.

The fight against hunger requires a collaborative effort and continuous action. Every contribution, big or small, can play a role in alleviating food insecurity. Gate Charity’s work in Ganvié serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of charity, proving that we can all make a difference if we reach out and extend our hands to those in need.