Gate Charity Plans to Partner with SİNemasal Academy to Support Earthquake-Affected Children in Turkey
3 min readMar 29, 2023

Gate Charity, the global non-profit charity organization of the Gate Group, today visited the Turkish charity organization SİNemasal Academy to discuss details of the upcoming partnership, joined by Gate Group Deputy CEO Rae. Gate Charity and SİNemasal Academy are planning to join hands for a specific donation project in Gate Charity to support SİNemasal Academy in providing educational and psychological assistance to children and youth to support earthquake recovery.

SİNemasal Academy is a program focused on supporting the well-being of children and youth affected by the earthquake The program helps children and youth aged 5–17 living in tents and container cities through an extracurricular education system and six hours of daily outdoor activities. The project will also employ 17 young people affected by the earthquake, providing them employment and financial support. sİNemasal Academy is working coordinated by the relevant ministries, the state government and AFAD throughout the project, and will continuously follow up on the progress of the project through social impact surveys.

During the visit today, the two teams also examined the target area for building the campus together. Gate Group Deputy CEO Rae said, “Such charity projects are desperately needed and helpful in Turkey at this stage, and we want to work with SİNemasal Academy to make it happen. To this end, we look forward to setting up a donation project on Gate Charity to provide financial support to SİNemasal Academy. At that time, every donation will help change the life of a child or a family, so let’s make life better together with blockchain technology.”

SİNemasal Academy is currently conducting a pilot project in Antakya and plans to issue a social impact report on the project in 4 weeks. After the pilot project, the organization hopes to expand the project to other areas of Hatay province and then to other regions affected by the earthquake, and to cooperate with Gate Charity or other organizations that wish to participate in it.

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