Gate Charity Empowers Children in Brazil with NFT Sale Focused on Creativity
3 min readMay 11, 2023

Gate Charity, a global non-profit philanthropic organization, recently held a drawing event at Santa Rita de Cássia Orphanage, a civil association for adolescents in situations of social vulnerability in Brazil. The event was organized to enhance awareness of the orphanage’s needs and to raise funds for the school’s continued development.

On May 5, 2023, over 100 children from Santa Rita de Cássia Orphanage were invited to participate in the creative drawing event. Gate Charity has provided them with a lot of drawing equipment, including crayons, colored pencil sets, reams of paper and T-shirts to facilitate their artistic expression.

Santa Rita de Cássia Orphanage has been providing love and care for children for eight decades. It serves as a shelter for kids aged 4 to 10 and a school for chilren aged 4 to 12. Despite receiving no government support, the institute continues to operate thanks to the proactive participation of numerous companies and volunteers. The house is taken care of by the Franciscan Sisters of Nossa Senhora do Bom Conselho and its Executive Director is Sister Maria Aparecida do Nascimento.

At the event, 50 inspiring artworks were created with various themes, showcasing the wild imagination in the children’s minds, as well as their great artistic skills. Everyone is impressed and inspired by the power of children’s creativity. All of these paintings will be converted into NFTs for sale, and the funds generated from the sale will be donated to the Orphanage to elevate children’s livelihoods and support their further development.

Gate Charity is proud to have raised awareness of the Orphanage’s situation via this event and is excited to make a difference for these children through the upcoming NFT sale. The organization hopes to expand its presence in the local community to help and support unprivileged children and individuals in Brazil.

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