Gate Charity Donates to Elderly Refuge in Vietnam, Organizes NFT Fundraisers
2 min readFeb 27, 2023

Gate Charity, the global non-profit philanthropic organization of Gate Group, recently visited elderly residents at the Thien An Home. Apart from making donations, Gate Charity also plans to launch an NFT fundraiser to raise additional funds for the disabled and abandoned elderly.

The Thien An Home, located in Ho Chi Minh City, is a refuge that provides care and shelter for the elderly who, through various circumstances, such as disability or abandonment, are unable to care for themselves. To improve the lives of the elderly residents at the refuge, Gate Charity volunteers visited the residents on February 7 to donate food that will help support their health and nutrition needs, along with monetary gifts to celebrate the recent lunar new year.

In addition, Gate Charity invited residents to have their portraits photographed professionally, providing them with a personal memento. Each photograph will also be minted as part of a charitable NFT collection and sold on Gate NFT to raise funds for the refuge.

With the success of past blockchain-integrated initiatives, Gate Charity has again implemented its NFT fundraising model that utilizes hand-drawn and unique art pieces to generate donations. Moreover, the initiative marks Gate Charity’s fourth impactful action organized in Vietnam. Prior initiatives focused on supporting orphaned children at the Quang II Pagoda.

About Gate Charity

Gate Charity is a global non-profit philanthropic organization focused on driving the blockchain philanthropy movement globally. Operating under the mission of “Promoting a Balanced World,” Gate Charity aims to unite the crypto community to close the poverty gap, improve the lives of the underprivileged, maximize educational equity, and promote environmental sustainability through innovative and trusted blockchain networks and crypto initiatives.